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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lost a tooth: Am I an adult?


Yesterday Fathini finally lost a tooth. The tooth had been wiggling for quite sometime. She was so happy when the tooth fell out. It happened when she was brushing her teeth before going to bed. She already knew about losing her baby teeth as the sign of growing up.

BUT the question that she asked was, "Mama, am I an adult now?". I can't help feeling a little of knot of twist when she related  growing up with adulthood. It had made me feeling so "ancient". My first baby is growing up because in about 7 more weeks she's turning to 7!  Before I know it, she is already a teenager!

What does this mean now? We (my husband and I) have to prepared ourselves to change our mind set when we deal with Fathini as she is not a kindy-kid anymore. She can't wait to be adult just like us when we were growing up. Only when we reach our adulthood, we start to think that "Would it be great to turn back the clock and be a kid again?".

Have you ever think about growing up so quickly when you were younger??


yatie chomeyl said...

habis la, pasni keno bersedio tini akan keno ngorat hehehe

kakyong said...

x pernah terpk plak nak jadi besar cepat2...

yg ingat masa di sek rendah dulu, x sabar2 nak masuk asrama.. sbb x tahan dok rumah.. susah nak belajar, masa byk tolong mak buat kerja rumah & jaga adik.. huhuuu...

transformed housewife said...

Cik Tie: suko sgt dio bilo gigi dio patoh tu.

K.Yong: sy dulu2 tak sabar nak sabar sbb rasa mcm seronok je bila jd dewasa. Skrg baru tahu. hehe