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Sunday, March 4, 2012



We've decided not to buy any kind of Ipad to our children. WHY? Right now, they are shag the laptop if they want to open when they want to learn the phonetics. Sometimes they go to disney websites to play other games. We think we don't want them to spend so much time just playing or using the latest gadget. Even with the laptop, they know that they can only use it when they are allowed to. Most of the time, they can use it during weekends. On the weekdays, I'll be using the laptop as I have to do some translation or proof reading jobs.

Now, the problem is their cousins sometimes come and showing off with their Ipad. So, they know about it and get the chance to use it when their cousins allow them to. It's not that we don't have the money to buy them an Ipad BUT right now, we are saving some money for other things.

Thus, I've bought the fake Ipad (from Kak Yong) just to let them play. I know that it doesn't have the functions like the real Ipad. I hope at least they can still use it and learn from that Ipad. So, for other parents who can't really afford to buy Ipad (for various reasons), don't despair because your children won't be left behind so much in learning. There are so many other old methods of learning that we can still use to teach our children. It's just the question of being creative!


yatie chomeyl said...

ok la ipad tipu pun, wat main tikoh puah2

Sari said...

ok gak beli yg mainan..ader nmpk k.yong jual aritu..lepas ni ble la budak2 tu melaram dgn iPad kan...heheh

transformed housewife said...

Tie: yelah. tok de nok turut teknologi baru. lgpun Knur tok sey spoil budok2 ni. nanti sibuk dok main Ipad (hok sebenarla), malas nok belajar.

transformed housewife said...

K.Sari: jadila yg mainan tu dr tak de langsung kan. Lgpun laptop dah ada, buat apa ada Ipad pun lg.