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Monday, March 26, 2012

The wrong concept of relying to Allah.


This morning, I gave my students a grammar test. Some of them couldn't really answer some questions because they were absent for few days last week. I told and reminded them many times about the test. So, when I gave the test, I said that they had to try to choose the answers on their own.

One of them kept complaining about the questions. He was absent on last Friday and missed one of the important structure part that I taught the whole class. When he handed in his paper, he said "Tawakalla tu ala allah". It means "he surrenders the result to Allah and put the trust in HIM". I couldn't help myself at that thereime. So, I told him, "We should only put the trust in Allah's hand only after we've done everything we could". "If you missed classes and didn't study last night, there's no use".  Then, he smiled weakly and left the class. Other students were also smiling as they understood about my comment.

I guess most of us always misuse the concept of "tawakkal" (relying/ put the trust in Allah). We forget that we should put so much effort first before we pray and hope that Allah will help us. As  "The definition of trusts in accordance with the eyes of world-renowned scholar, Prof Dr Yusuf Al-Qardawi is is, when a human sort and organize the preparation, preparation, strategy and initiatives. Then he handed the results to God.

Have you ever come across some people who misuse this concept of "tawakkal"?


yatie chomeyl said...

keno sebutir atas hidung budok tu huhuhu

transformed housewife said...

knur gere ko perangai dio. tu yg bui sebutir tu.