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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Open day @ Dataran Nilai


Yesterday evening, we had a nice day at Dataran Nilai. There was an Open Day organized by the local authority. Actually my MIL was the one who brought us there since she was on duty at one of the booths there. She had to be at KPJ booth. They took the chance to promote the nursing programmes in KPJ Nursing College in Nilai.

The location

Basically the Open Day looked like the night market scene. There were some booths selling many sorts of things from women's blouses, headscarves, toys, accessories, snacks, make up appliances, handbags and even pets. But it was not so crowded and we could stroll at ease around the area. My MIL had to stay at KPJ booth, so she asked me to bring my kids around the area. While checking out the booths, I bought some snacks and toys for them. And for myself, I bought some brooches and a long-sleeve inner. I also bought some cute baby clothes.

KPJ's booth

After stopping at several booths, we decided to have a rest and enjoy some food there. We tried some food like fried mushrooms with few different flavours, steamboat, waffles and coconut drink. I thought of buying some more food but then we were already quite full.

We resumed to stroll to the other booths as my MIL's maid (yup, she also tagged along) wanted to buy some stuffs for her children. She was the one who bought more stuffs since the price of the stuffs there was quite cheap. She bought some headscarves, brooches, lipsticks and a compact powder. By 7.30 , my MIL called us to join her at the prayer's room since it was already time for Maghrib's prayer. We only visited few more booths before we went home. I bought a box of blocks and two packs pf candy floss for my chirpy kids just before we headed home.

*We spotted the pink cat at one of the booths and there were also some nicely decorated and painted MYVI cars at the place.


yatie chomeyl said...

pink cat ko pink car?

transformed housewife said...

pink cat tu. Diaorg dye bulu kucing tu.

NurMisnan said...

mcm mana nak dye bulu kucing tuh? rendam
dalam besen besor kot.. hik3