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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not so excited?


I'm curious to know how do you (other parents) feel when you are expecting your next child? For example, you already have 2 children and you're expecting another one. Would you still feel excited?

As I've shared before, I'm expecting another child by June. I want to feel the same excitement that I had before with my previous pregnancies but I don't know what have happened to me. I feel guilty to this child when I have this feeling. There are too many unresolved problems right now that have hindered the excitement.

We haven't prepared so many things yet because we still have some equipments that we can still use like the stroller and the car seat. We might only need to buy some clothes and some other things before the baby is born. Yesterday, my hubby suggested that maybe we shouldn't scan this baby. He wants it to be a surprise this time. I'm kind of opposed to the idea because I think it's easier to prepare if we already know the gender.

Hmmm. Could anyone please tell me how to change my feeling now? Thanks.


yatie chomeyl said...

nasib baik i am still excited right now hehehe

maybe bilo dh settle bendo2 serabut dlm palo tu, the excitement will come

Lizan said...

nur, kak ijan penah rasa mcm tu masa pregnant aqeel. tak seexcited masa ngandungkan adam sebab mind dah set yg kak ijan cuma ada sorang je anak. kak ijan kan 9thn tunggu adam, so tak sangka pregnant lagi. dah terbiasa dan 'selesa' dgn sorang jer tapi bila baby dah keluar, perasaan tu berubah sikit demi sikit.lama juga amek masa nak biasakan diri..skg dah okey..dah suka-suki ada aqeel. Syukur.

transformed housewife said...

harap2 bila baby lahir, perasaan suka tu dtg.

Sidratul Muntaha said...

both asakr dua org tu under depression sbb bpk dia jenis mcm org kampung.
bial kiat ajar or ajak belajar parenting.
doalk dalik weih..
so,nak anak lagi?!
maleh nak pikir and tak excited lansung!!
jdi hidup sajalah dgn aman damai sbb dah ade spsng.
tpi dpt rezeki lagi..
terimalah seadanya
dan lalui proses tu sekali lagi.