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Thursday, March 8, 2012

To all women in the world.


To all women in the world,
This poem is for you,
Cause you and I know who,
That appreciate us true and true,

For we never complain,
Always sacrifice in pain,
On sunny day or rain,

We will be happy,
When our loved ones are happy,
Simply a "thank you" can make us glee,
Or having a time for "me",

Let's keep on rocking,
Let's keep on working,
Let's just keep moving,
And then we shall thriving,

To all the women in the world,
Love yourself and pat on your back,
For all the wonderful jobs that we shall not forget,
And we shall always be glad.



Aleyn said...

Nice one

Affieza said...

Nice poem and wish u Happy Women's Day...