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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not easy to be an adult?


Who has to grow up? Well....Aren't all of us at some points in our life need to grow up? We can't always behave like kids and act like them. I myself not sure when did I start to grow up and become matured. But I guess as the eldest in my family, I was forced to grow up quicker than I want to since I had to be independent since my younger brother was born. My late grandma used to tell me that I knew how to entertain myself when my brother was born and at the same time my grandma also had my youngest uncle.

My younger siblings had their wake up call when my late mom passed away almost 4 years ago. My youngest sister was 14 and she was so devastated with the lost. Since then, we (the other siblings and I) have tried to help her by being there whenever she needs us. Now, she almost 18 and she has realized that it's not easy to be an adult!

I feel proud of her because she has come all the way from a very shy 14-year-old girl to a more confident young woman now. (Should I say that she's a woman now?) Circumstances and our fate have always been the factors for us to grow up and become more matured. Some people are late bloomers and they are not matured even when they are already adult. Only when they are forced to become more matured then they have no choice but to change themselves.

When did you realize that you've grown up and become more matured? What have forced you to change?

1 comment:

yatie chomeyl said...

I dont know whether I've grown up doh ke dop lagi hehehe