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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perkara yg merosakkan otak. (BM entry)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tatoo is a symbol for a macho man?

Photo: Credit GOOGLE

Why do people want to have Tattoo? I know that in some cultures, they have their Traditional Patterns of Tattoos. Maori people in New Zealand and Aborigines in Australia and also some tribes in Sarawak. The tattoos have some meaning in their cultures. But most of people who are not from those groups, they want to have tattoos for personal reasons.

I'm highlighting this because yesterday morning, one of my students came to class with a bleeding arm. At first he didn't want to tell me what really happened. After a while, he showed me his tatooed arm. He did it the day before. When I asked him why he wanted to torture himself, he gave me a weak smile and told me that he thought that having a tattoo will make him look "macho". I couldn't help him that much except for giving him the permission to go to the toilet to wash his arm. Some of his classmates gave him some tissues to dab on his arm.

Now, my question is "Is tattoo a symbol for a macho man"? Do you need to torture yourself just to look macho? It is totally prohibited in Islam and Muslims can't have tattoo because it's HARAM. Some people want to do it to express their love to their loved ones by having a tattoo of their girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband's name on their body.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sophie Kinsella is really a genius!


I'm one of Sophie's fan. I've read a lot of her novels especially The Shopholic series. I've started to read her novels when I could borrow some novels from the community library. It feels like a heaven being able to borrow up to 20 books there. But here, I have no other choice except for buying the novels. I bought three novels during the Big Bad Wolf exhibition. Recently, I received another Sophie Kinsella's novels as a birthday gift from my brother, Epit.

Why is it that so many women have fallen in love with her novels. Is it because there are so many women who are actually shophalics like her main character, Rebecca Bloomwood?

Here is my hypothesis to "The reasons why do women love Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic novels": 

1. Shopping is one of the BEST therapy for women.
          When we are having crisis or feel stressed up with work or at home, we will feel better if we can go out to any shopping malls. Even when we don't want to buy anything, just looking at the possibilities of buying certain things can make us feel happy. That's why I don't think Becky is really addicted to shopping even though she can be out of control sometimes.

2.  Women can do several tasks at the same time.
            Like Becky, most women always have to deal with problems at work and also at home. Multitasking is not a new thing and we are good at it. Becky has to deal with tons of problems but at the end she always manages to find the solutions by getting helps and being creative.

3. Women can't help but to be so quite good in judging other people's character.
            I guess women generally are observant compared to men. We can tell about other people's character especially the pretentious ones in ease. Becky in her novels are always right about other people except for some unpredictable ones like Luke's real mom, Ellinor.

4. Women always try to please other people and give the priorities to others above their own selves.
           Becky thinks about how other people's feel if she is about to do something even though she has the repulsive behaviour of buying things. That's why she tries to hide the truth even when she is in the great danger financially. I'm sure sometimes we are also forced to protect others first even when we ourselves are not secured financially.

5. Women always know what to say to other people even when we don't like those people.
         It's our nature to be a quick thinker. We are clever in concealing our emotions and know what to utter even in a desperate situations. Becky (the main character), always deal with different kinds of people and she is smart in making people feel comfortable and important.

Those are my own interpretations and opinion. You might add some more points if you are also the fans to Sophie Kinsella's novels. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mek (BM entry)


Tadi ambo tengok drama "Mek" kat TV1. Drama mace komedi. Boleh tehe ceghito dio. Jale ceghito mudoh jah sbb pasal Kamal hok bose denge tune dio, gi laghi ko Kelate. Dio wat alase nok wat kijo dio. Pahtu dio kene' ko Mek. Mek tu meme lemoh lembut keceknyo. Kamal tu memela suko ko Mek sbb tune dio "Queen control". Doh tune tu pun bos dio dan meme keluargo kayo rayo. Nok pendek ceghitonyo, Kamal nikoh denge Mek jugok walaupun tune dio maghi maso akad nikoh dio. Tune dio, Sophia royak dio pung jupo oghe lain doh.

Bilo tengok ceghito tu ambo teringat denge ceghito ambo sediri. Mace mok pado Mek tu Mek Jah, mulo2 tok kene ko oghe luar. Dio nok Mek nikoh oghe Kelate jugok sbb tok sey bui Mek ikut tok laki duduk jauh. Ambo bukela mace Mek tu sgt hok lemoh lembut. Tapi bab tok leh nikoh oghe luar meme banyok lagi oghe Kelate hok tok sey bui. Tapi kalu doh jodoh nok wat ghano. Ambo dulu pung bukenyo sengajo tok sey ko oghe Kelate tapi hok dop maghi tanyo semuo pung tanyo maso ambo dok ngaji lg. Ado hok maghi ngaku sedaro padahal tok ghajin napok bate idung pung sebelum tuh.

Balik mula ceghito tadi, bulihla tehe wat hibure male2. Ceghito tok beragh sgt. Cumo pelakon2 tu mace pelik jah kecek Kelate tok berapo jadi. Patutnyo semula2 ambikla oghe Kelate sunggoh berlakon baru "ori".  Ni mace bunyi Ore Siam (Sie) jah.

Thursday, February 23, 2012



Yup, my tummy is expanding i.e. it's getting bigger everyday. It's been 22 week and I still don't know the gender of the baby. We haven't really go to the clinic to scan as we want to wait until we can see the baby clearly. During my previous check-up, the baby was still too small, so we couldn't really see. 

Alhamdulillah, today I've been given the chance to celebrate my birthday. I know that many people are so excited to see the two celebrities who are tying the knot today in JW Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya. I wish they will have a happy and blissful marriage life.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rich or Poor: Does it really matter?


Many people especially the Kelantanese were so mad with our PM's on FB when he claimed that "Kelantan is the poorest state". I was one of them as I don't agree with the statement at all. In fact, I even shared a post about the recent development in Kelantan.

Today, I read about another article about "Sabah is actually the poorest state in Malaysia". Now, which one is the poorest state then? Does it really matter to us? What can we do? Mos of us know the fact that Sabah is actually rich with the natural resources and Kelantan actually has its hidden natural resources. BUT the Sabahan and Kelantanese don't really get what they deserve to have. Their rights have been denied for so long.

I'm not the expert when it comes to politic but as a silent observer, I just want to say that maybe we can do something within our power to change our own fate and then change the status of our state. It's really up to us!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My little family.


That is the latest artwork by Fathini my elder daughter. She loves to draw, paint and create artworks. She is so used to think creatively as she was exposed to those when I brought her and her sister to Peachgrove Playcentre in Hamilton, New Zealand. Now, even though I don't really have time to bring them to any playgroup, she always has her own mini playgroup with her sister and her cousin, Shifa (abt the same age as Hafizah-my younger daughter). When they play they can think of so many kinds of games and activities that they want to do. I just have to monitor and help them if they need any help. Most of the time, Fathini as the group leader will initiate the activities. The other two girls are the followers. 

There's a funny story about that drawing. Hafizah who is still in the state of regressing, was adamant that Fathini alter the drawing a little bit. She was unsatisfied with the drawing when Fathini drew skinnier than she really is. She said, "I'm not skinny but I'm normal". "That's not me!". Fathini refused and I didn't want Fathini to change anything too as that's her drawing. So, I calmed Hafizah down and asked her to draw with her own interpretation of our little family. She hasn't draw anything yet until now. But just give her some time. I might be sharing her artwork too one day. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Isteri Kejam. (BM entry)


Kepada wanita2 yg telah berkahwin: Pernah tak rasa bersalah pada suami bila kita dah penat, tak sempat nak masak dan hanya dapat buat masakan yang paling ringkas tiba2 suami cakap, "Takpela abg makan maggi je malam ni". Kalau pernah apa yang anda buat? Cuba juga masak lauk lain atau biarkan sahaja suami makan maggi?

Saya terpaksa mengaku di sini yang saya kadang2 adalah isteri yang kejam. Memang selalu terjadi pada saya bila saya dah masak macam lauk telur goreng kicap je dan suami tak selera nak makan tu. Jadi dia lg berselera nak  makan maggi. Apa saya buat? Saya biarkan sahaja sebab kalau masak lauk lain nanti akan membazir dan tak de sesiapa yang nak makan. Kalau disimpan lauk lama2 dlm peti pun tak de yg teringin nak makan. Lama-lama dibuang ke tong sampah dan kan dah membazir. Tapi saya jadi kejam tak lama. Keesokannya saya akan masak apa yang suami suka.

Sekarang baru 2 org anak nak masuk 3. Diaorg dah ada selera berbeza. Jadi nak masak2 pun susah bila sorang nak makan tu, sorang nak makan ni, Suami nak makan kari, anak2 nak spaghetti dan saya nak makan tomyam. (bukanlah hari2 tapi sebagai contoh). Jalan penyelesaian? Ada hari khas untuk kari, hari lain untuk spaghetti dan hari yang lain pula untuk tomyam.

Jadi kejamkah saya sebagai isteri membiarkan suami makan maggi? Soalan cepu emas yang perlu anda jawab jika anda baca bebelan yang entah apa2 ni.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: And they are mocking the BANNING.


I'm so sad that there are still many people even so called Muslims are actually questioning the banning of the celebration of Valentine's Day. They think that the Islamic Affairs Department is having a narrow-minded view on this issue. I guess this is what happen when we have been brainwashed about this celebration over the years before that we think it's okay and it's quite normal. Now, what's left to say is, it's their own choice. The Islamic Affairs Department has carried out their responsibility. It's up to them whether to accept it or just ignore it. I just hope that they are brave enough to answer about their choice in their after-life.

Here are some comments I've read from Malaysia Kini:

Joker: How does the Islamic Affairs Department define 'celebrating Valentine's Day' - buying gifts and flowers, having dinners, movies or simply going out together?

Are these ‘haram' activities only on Feb 14 but okay on other days? Why is it okay for married Muslim couples to celebrate but not so for the unmarried ones?

I hope the Islamic Affairs Department is not thinking that Valentine's Day is 'celebrated' just by making wanton and indiscriminate sex.

Non-Muslims better cancel all outings with their Muslim friends on Feb 14 in case these 'holy cops' misunderstand your gatherings as 'celebration' of the unholy Valentine's Day.

Multi Racial: Since when have we become so narrow minded? The modern generation see Valentine's Day merely a day for those who love each other to express their love for one another.

It is neither religious or customary to them. It an opportunity to express their love to their love one. Nobody is going to change their religion because we allow them to wish each other ‘Happy Valentine's Day'.

Ksn: For unmarried Malay-Muslim couples, use the other remaining 364 days of the year for whatever you wish to do on Valentine's Day.

Or if you insist that you wish to celebrate love on this day itself, do it in private, your homes, etc.

Do have a Happy Valentine's. Forget the half-wits like the Minister in the PM's Department Jamil Khir Baharom and the PAS ultras.

Onyourtoes: What regulations will you be enforcing across the country to prevent people eating together in restaurants, people exchanging gifts like flowers and chocolates, people walking in the parks, on the beaches, watching movies, having ice cream in the parlours?

Tell us what you are you going to do if couples, not husbands and wives, talk about common interests, about their future together, about opportunities, about caring and love for each other?

Fairgo: To the young romantic non-Muslims, Valentine's Day is a day to express their feelings to each other, exploited commercially no doubt. But what the heck!

Forbidding young ones to celebrate Valentine's Day because of religion must be unbelievable to the whole world.

Ericomc: I am currently working in Indonesia. You know what? My Indonesian friends are perplexed on the ban of Valentine's Day celebration by the Malaysian religious authority.

Keturunan Malaysia: First thing in the morning, I am going to give my wife a cute present (as she loves to say, it is not the value that counts, it is the thoughts behind it) and wish her Happy Valentine's.

I am going to tell her, as I always do each year and every year, that I love her very much and that given another chance to re-live my life all over again, I'll still choose and marry her.

Imraz Ikhbal: My religion is Islam and no where in Allah's Holy Books does He forbid dining out with my legitimate wife on Feb 14 of any given year.

So on this Valentine's Day, I am taking my gorgeous wife out for a fine candlelight dining in a fancy restaurant. Thereupon, I'll be giving her a red rose and a box of chocolate and I'll cuddling her throughout as I always have for the past eight years of our marriage.

But why on the Feb 14? Not because I am celebrating Valentine's Day but this year I have deliberately decided to coincide my night out with my beloved, and may Allah have mercy on whichever religious bigot that dares to arrest us.

Should that happen, I shall declare a holy crusade on those ‘yang berugama' Umno and I shall welcome anyone who shares my stand to join me.

Simpang 4: Happy Valentine's Day to all Malaysians. Celebrate Love.

What do you think about their comments?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Some evidence about the existence of Hang Tuah.


I want to share what I just read from FB about the evidence to prove that Hang Tuah really exist. We'll see what Prof. Khoo Kay Kim will say about this. As a Malay, I always believe that he was a legend and there must be some explanations to his existence even though it's hard to find the documentations.

The mystery of Laksamana Tuah

SEVERAL years ago Arkib Negara held a month-long exhibition titled “Dunia Persuratan Melayu” (The World of Malay Letters) at the National Library in Kuala Lumpur.

Most of the exhibits were manuscripts written by scribes in Jawi in the 13th to 17th century, i.e. before, during and after the Malacca Sultanate era.

The display notes stated that for many years Arkib Negara had painstakingly sourced the original manuscripts from many countries that had traded or have had links with the Malacca Empire and especially from Portugal and Netherlands that had once colonised Malacca.

I spent about three hours reading each of the manuscripts. Without realising it, I was the last visitor to exit the exhibition hall during the closing time on that day. Perhaps I was among the very few who could read and write Jawi.

Several manuscripts described the Malacca sultan’s visits to Siam (Thailand), China, Majapahit (Indonesia) and other regions in the Malay Archipelago. During those visits, the sultan was often accompanied by one personality named Laksamana Tuah (Admiral Tuah) in the entourage.

If I had simply browsed or glimpsed at the manuscripts like most visitors, I could have missed the name Tuah, but by studying the manuscripts and the language flow of that era meticulously, I noticed the hidden jewel.

My eyes literally lit up when I detected the name. I checked the other manuscripts and was happy to discover the name Tuah really existed, and his status was shown as an admiral.

There was logic in the status, because the Malacca Empire had controlled the Straits of Malacca, the Sulawesi Sea and some portion of the South China Sea. The ancient Malacca naval forces must have been big.

I made a comparison to Admiral Cheng He, who visited ancient Malacca not in a single vessel, but with an armada. The host country emperor, king or sultan often requested duels between their able warriors and the Malacca sultan’s warriors. Wong Chun Wai in his ‘On the Beat’ column (Sunday Star, Jan 29) wrote that he believed Hang Tuah as one of the sultan’s greatest of all admirals and a ferocious fighter. I, too, believe he was.

It was during one of the duels in Majapahit that Hang Tuah was awarded the famous Keris Taming Sari by the Majapahit ruler after he had defeated and killed its great warrior owner. I also learned that Hang Tuah’s own Keris was named Tempa Melak

The manuscripts were not like the Hikayat Melayu (Malay Annals) that narrated events, but were actually correspondences between individuals or sultans or kings which chronicled real events of the period.

The manuscripts did not elaborate much about Hang Tuah. I had pieced together the descriptions from several manuscripts here and there. I had sort of deciphered the hidden messages in the manuscripts.

I believed that during the exhibition visit on that day, I had discovered Hang Tuah, who was humble and mysterious but well-respected among the martial arts exponents during his era.

Till today, people in the Malay martial arts world keep remembering him or try to emulate his prowess, agility and mystical skills. That is why he is a legend.

I thank our Arkib Negara officers who had done a very good job of acquiring some of the valuable documents thus far. Hopefully, other manuscripts could reveal more about Hang Tuah.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tak nak bersubahat. (BM entry)


Hari ni terpaksa pergo kerja kerana ada kelas ganti. Anak sulung saya pun pergi sekolah hari ni. Apa yang tak sedapnya ialah apa yang berlaku di tempat kerja saya. Pagi2 lagi ada pengumuman mengenai rancangan beberapa guru di bawah "Student's activity Committee". Mereka mahu semua guru memberi kerjasama untuk memberitahu pelajar2 mengenai acara sambutan "Valentine's Day" pada Selasa depan. Mereka mahu guru2 menerangkan yang "Valentine's Day" tu bukan seperti yang biasa pelajar2 beragama Islam sangkakan. Mereka ianya tak HARAM. Saya panas telinga mendengar arahan tu. Jadi saya dah buat keputusan tadi untuk tidak memberitahu apa2 pun mengenai rancangan sambutan tu. Saya tak nak bersubahat dan apabila ada pelajar2 bertanya saya tetap dengan pendirian saya mengatakan sambutan itu HARAM. Walaupun alasan dan cara yang mereka buat untuk menukar pendirian pelajar2, saya tetap berharap pada pelajar2 yang bijak berfikir tak akan terpengaruh dengan propaganda mereka. Ketua perancang tu mat saleh jadi bukanlah salah dia. Yang saya tak faham, kenapa ada guru lelaki yang rasanya beragama Islam turut bersubahat dalam merancang sambutan tu. Kenapalah terlalu liberal sehinggakan melupakan ajaran agama sendiri.

Hari ini saya terbaca yang JAKIM pun dah keluarkan fatwa MENGHARAMKAN apa2 cara sambutan Valentine's Day di kalangan orang Islam. Jadi, tak payah nak ragu2 lagi. Lagipun setiap hari kita boleh tunjukkan kasih sayang pada ahli keluarga kita dan orang2 yang kita sayang. BETUL TAK?

Friday, February 10, 2012

If only we think before we act.............


I found this from a friend's status in FB. It's something that we should ponder on especially if we are trusted with other people's money. Our politicians and leaders should think first before they act or to be precised before they take money which are not theirs.

Abdul Rashid Moten:
What is the root cause of corruption in this world?
The answer is "MY"
When a person says: My wife, my son, my car, my house. He will do everything to make his wife most beautiful by painting and decorating with all the jewelleries in the world; the son must be well-fed and well-clothed; the car must be the best and the biggest; the house must be a palace, etc. If the salary is not enough then steal from wherever possible.

Therefore, Plato denied the rulers of the ideal state to have wives and children. No one is allowed to say my wife and my children.

Islam permits Muslims to have everything but NOT as owners. The owner of everything is Allah. Men can have these things as a trust and is responsible and accountable for how he/she uses them. There is no MY in Islam. Everything is from Allah and to Him everyone is accountable.
What do you reckon about this issue?

Thursday, February 9, 2012



As I've shared before, I'm expecting my third child now. It's already the 20th week. Hafizah my younger daughter is somehow showing some regressions in her development. I suspect that she is feeling jealous with the new coming baby. She becomes so sensitive, doesn't want to put on her clothes, doesn't want to wash and take a bath on her own and other habits. When I check on some reading from other websites, this is quite normal. It's always not easy for kids to accept any changes on their life. There's nothing much that we can do except for convincing her and of course paying more attention to her. She needs to know that we are still going to love her and nothing will ever change that. I always thought that if the gap is quite huge, it'll be easier for the kid to accept a new sibling. BUT I guess I was wrong. A 5-year-gap is apparently won't help Hafizah to accept the fact that a new sibling is taking over her place as the youngest in the family. Thus, we just have to keep finding ways to make her feel secured and loved.

Have you ever experienced this with your kids? How did you handle the situation?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WW: Missing them.

My sisters and my nephew: They are now in Fukuoka, Japan.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jungle Gym


This morning, my SIL invited us to join her and her family to BSC (Bangsar Shopping Centre). Her younger daughter wanted to play with her cousins. So, they brought us to the Play Room in BSC. We chose the Jungle Gym where the kids spent 2 hours to play and had fun in there.

We arrived there at 10.30 and my SIL paid for the fees. The fees were RM22 per child. During weekend, it'll be RM28. It's a free admission for kids under 2 and also for the accompanying adults. The kids can play the whole day there if they want to. The main rule that we had to follow was everybody who wanted to go in must wear socks or they have to buy the socks there.

There were 3 huge slides, a trampoline, a place full with balls, a fountain of balls and a lot of spaces for kids to climb, go inside tunnels and so on. I also joined my kids to climb around even with my big belly now. They spent about 1/2 hour to shoot balls and tried on the slides together. We thought after playing about 1 1/2 hour, the kids were tired but we had to wait for another 1/2 hour before they started to complain that they were hungry.

Now, just look at some photos taken there. Maybe next time, you can bring your kids there. There is also a place where you can organize a birthday party. When we were there, there was a birthday party for a 6-year-old boy.

Climb and jump!

Even my hubby played with the kids.

Weiii.................we're going down fast.

Lost in the balls

Opps.....I wanted to try it too. hehe

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hr ni membako aje. (BM entry)


Selamat bercuti panjang sekali lagi pada semua. (ye, ucapan yg poyo). Kalau tak keluar ke mana-mana mestilah wajib memasakkan. Tak tahu kenapa hari ni saya malas sangat nak masak. Tapi dah kena jugak masak, saya ambil jalan yang amat mudah. Saya ambik ayam (beberapa ketul), potong kecil2 dan perap dengan perencah Ayam Tikka (jenama Shan), garam sedikit dan perah lemon. Lepas tu bako aje dalam oven. Nak sedap lagi, ambik bahagian sayap, peha dan tinggalkan sedikit kulit ayam. Saya potong juga sedikit ubi kentang. Nak tengok gambar? Ehhe...ayam tengah dalam oven lagi. Nantila lps ni saya letak kat entri satu lagi. (kalau rajin buat entri lagi hari ni). Untuk sayur, saya buat sayur air bayam. Ala yang tumbuk bwg merah, lada hitam dan ikan bilis tu. Renehkan bahan2 dlm air yg mendidih dan masukkanla sayur bayam. Dah siap hidangan tengahari. Nasi tak payah masak sbb smlm ada lg nasi lebih. Ok, itu aje entri ntah apa2 hr ni.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So easy mah!


I found this on one of my friend's wall in FB. It's so funny because the person who created the expressions clearly has a very creative mind. Hopefully you'll be able to read from the image below:


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

White heart.


Two days ago, one of my students came late to class. The class started at 9.30 but he arrived to class at 10. I told him that I had marked him as "absent" on the attendance list. He was not satisfied with my decision and argued with me at the end of the class. I was firmed with my decision as it's part of the school rule that 30 minutes late is considered being absent. He kept begging me and his good friend (one of the classmates too), begged on his behalf. He said, "Please teacher". "I know that you have a white heart".  I smiled and replied, "How do you know that I have a white heart?". "Have you ever seen my heart?". Then only he realized his mistake of literally translating what he wanted to say. I found it cute when they made that kind of mistake and I didn't want to discourage them from using English as long as they want to try. So, I ended up correcting the mistake by saying, "I think it's better if you say that I'm a kind teacher". "BUT a rule is a rule and it's not supposed to be broken". He couldn't beg anymore as I just dismissed him by telling him that I won't change my decision even when he and his friend tried to flatter me!