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Thursday, April 15, 2010

As I promised..... The WotWots Show

Salam to all,

Yesterday, by 10 a.m. we left our house as the show started at 11 a.m.! bukan main semangat bukan apa takut tak de tempat nak letak kereta Even by the time we arrived, I had to go round and round the parking lot to find a parking space. I saw one of my friend's was parking her car but later , I lost her inside the mall. We've agreed to meet near the stage area. It was unexpectedly crowded as there were so many mummies and kids. Evidently the show's a big hit among the kids.

Just when my daughters and I were about to find the prefect spot for us, we saw my friend Fadi and her two boys. We sat together in the crowd just in the middle of the sitting area in front of the stage. That was the first time I ever sat in a crowd with Fathini and Hafizah. They became restless after few minutes especially there was not much room to move around. Fadi and her boys left the place just before the show started because she said her boys didn't like to sit on the floor in a cramp area.

At about 11 p.m. the show started when they put on the WotWots theme song. Don't ask me about the lyrics as I don't really watch this program on TVNZ. The first person on the stage was a lady in a WotWots costume and antennas. She asked the kids to stand and sing along the WotWots theme song. Fathini joined the other kids to stand and sing but Hafizah just sat on my lap and watched what the other kids were doing. The lady then asked the kids to call out the Spotty Wot and Dotty Wot. But what we saw were another two ladies dress in black and wore a Bee Hat and a Fly (?) Hat. They came to say "Hi" to the kids. Later, they came back with the Spotty Wot and the Dotty Wot on their hands. la....mcm ni ke persembahan dia. kami yg mak2 ni mcm rasa entah apa2 je kalau setakat bawa patung tu mcm tu.  Amazingly the kids including Fathini were still excited to see the Spotty Wot and the Dotty Wot. They were really into the songs and the dance movements. They follow each and every instructions given by the mediator lady and clapped their hands happily to the tunes. Only Hafizah looked kind of bored and she just wanted me to carry her.

The show lasted about half an hour. tak berbaloi rasa tapi dah show tu percuma takpela kan. hehehe Actually at 1 p.m. there'll be another WotWots show but we didn't want to wait and watch the show again. After the last song, they gave the chance to some kids who wanted to take a photo with the WotWots figures. The line was quite long and I didn't want to wait in the line as I was not really excited after what we've seen during the show.

We (my friends and I) then met in one place before we followed Fadi (a S'porean friend that I met in the playcentre) to her house to have lunch. The mummies, I reckon didn't enjoy the show but the kids loved it. Of course their main target was the kids. kalau kena bayarla nak tengok persembahan tu, sah2 sy takkan bayar dan kalau dah terbayar pun, mesti menyesal sgt2.


Sitisifir10 said...

Huhu....sekadar bg anak2 enjoy...sll selera anak dipenuhi tp kita tidak :) sbb tu kene sanjung ibubapa kansss

temp. housewife said...

aah. betul tu PIjah. nak pergi tengok pun sbb anak2 yg minat sgt.

yatie chomeyl said...

ala knur tu jmeme x minat sokmo doh mugo2 lagu ni jak dulu lagi :P

temp. housewife said...

yelah sbb tok best lansung. Tini hok nok gi tengok sgt. tu keno bawok jugok tu.

sirna said...

biasala kak,rancangan budak2, mestila adult tak brapa suka,sib baik free kan, hehe..

Nadiah Sidek said...

haha..yatie pecahkn rahsia kak nur :D. ramai juga ye yg tgk wotwots tu

unlisted_one said...

at first, i terbayang wots wots tu mcm wayang kulit..hehe..

temp. housewife said...

Fadilah, aah nasib baik tak kena bayar.

Nadiah, ramai sbb mcm sesak sgt kat mall tu hr tu.

Nia, bukan wayang kulit tapi org bawa patung2 tu dan kemudian pasang lagu2 dan menari.

ena said...

haa macam tu je? baik tgk katun dia kat tibi jer.. huhu

wot wot wotiwot woti woti woti wot... hahaha aQim nyanyi camtu ekekeke

temp. housewife said...

aah mcm tu je Ena. nasib baik free.