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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy weekend!

Salam to all,

This weekend is one of the busiest weekend for us here since there are so many invitations from our friends. They invite us to have lunch or dinner at their houses since we are leaving in about 2 weeks time.

Today I prepared some food in the morning and by noon I headed out to my friend's house (she's a resident medical doctor in Waikato Hospital). We had a simple potluck lunch and our kids were happily playing together. I'm sorry to not really bother to take photos as I just wanted to spend quality time with my friends and chilled out.

We only left her house by 5 p.m. since we really had a nice time chatting and catching up with our latest news. By the time I arrived home, we expected to have a family from Te Aroha. So, I quickly heated up Nasi Kerabu and soon after they arrived.

By the time, I writing this, I felt so exhausted and sleepy. But I've enjoyed spending time with my friends and couldn't help to feel sad that I have to say GOODBYE soon.


~ f i d ~ said...

Thank you for coming, memang dah lama plan nak ajak nur n ariff, tapi kami dua asyik busy. Thanks bawak nasik kerabu, best sgt sebab dah lama teringin nak makan..tercapai jugak akhirnya..satu benda yg fid lupa, nak mintak resepi kuih tart! fid suka sgt dgn kuih tart nur!

lupa lgsg nak ambik gambar, tapi fid mmg x ada camera, noorwan bwk gi mancing

A.N.I.S.H said...

cant wait to see u & family

Nadiah Sidek said...

enjoy la masa2 terakhir di NZ ;)

ICA said...

Temp housewife, are u coming back for good? It must be really hard to say goodbye nanti...(had the same experience dulu after 4yrs abroad, know the feeling well)...but nanti2 when you look back, u'll remember and treasure all the fond memories with your friends...

temp. housewife said...

ok fid nanti Nur tulis resipi tart kat blog ni.

Anish, nak jemput kat Knur kat KLIA dop?

Nadiah, thanks.

Ica, it's been so much of wonderful memories here.

sirna said...

sedapnya nasi kerabu=)

Nur said...

salam nur
fly back to msia 4 gd? hmmm... moga2 kita dapat berjumpa di msia. lepas berblog kita berkopi pula di luar. insyaallah jika semua diizinkan Allah... let me know when u arrive here... semoga selamat pulang ke destinasi

kakyong said...

dah tak lama je lagi nak balik m'sia kan...

njoy setiap detik yg ada..

yatie chomeyl said...

meme la sedih nok pisoh tp nti diorg pun blk Msi ajugop, leh la jupo di Msia pulop

temp. housewife said...

Fadilah, kalau ada rezeki bolehla Knur masakkan.

Nur, insya Allah. teringin juga nak bersua muka dgn bloggers lain.

Kyong, makin lama makin sibuk ni.

Ti, memela pun cuma lambat sikitla sbb ramai yg lama lg dok sini. pahtu kat Msia ada hok duduk jauh2 sikit.