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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Steps in letting go all your stuffs when you're going back for good.

Salam to all,

This is the month you will be reading a lot about my preparation to go back to Malaysia for good after 3 years of residing in Hamilton, NZ. jgn ada yg muak ye utk baca I've been thinking about sharing the steps of letting go all of your stuffs when you're going back for good. This steps might rasanya amat2 berguna utk perantau2 yg lain du luar sana help those who are currently residing in a foreign country. This is because eventually, we want to go back to our beloved country sooner or later. lainlah kalau mmg dah nak jd PR dan rasa tak nak balik duduk Malaysia dah
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Now the steps:

  1. Make a list of all of your furniture, electrical appliances, kitchen materials and other stuffs.
    2. Decide which stuffs you are going to sell, donate or just discard.

    3. Choose how are you going to sell like using e-mails to tell your friends, advertise on the online
        trading website or organise a one-day-garage sale.

    4. Choose to whom or which organization you want to make some donations of your stuffs. jgnla 
        pulak derma brg2 buruk sgt kan sbb tak elokla 

    5. Arrange with the Post Office to have your mail redirected to your new address. tapi yg ni kalau 
        lain2 negara kami pun tak pasti mcmmana.

   6. Arrange to have the meters read and the telephone to be disconnected.

   7. If you have some stuffs that you want to bring back, you need to arrange other means of transporting your stuffs like send via mail, rent a container etc. But remember that, those will cost a lot of money.

I hope these steps will help to give you some ideas about letting go of your stuffs. As we haven't own a house yet in Malaysia, we don't want to bring back any kind of furniture or electrical appliances. dahla kepala plug Msia dgn NZ lain sgt2. jd tak berbaloi nak bawa balik And yup we're counting the days as there are only about 15 days left before we say "Ka Ki Te Ano" NZ.


yatie chomeyl said...

bestnyo nok kelik doh

Syigim said...

good one,kak nur! bole dijadikan panduan when it's my turn...although, tgk gaya we'll be in dubai for quite a while longer... waaaaaa...nk balik jgk! :P

maybe kak nur can make a list of things ur gonna miss in NZ.. ;)

mommyYen said...

yea yea..welcome back to msia kak nur..

selamat berpacking brg-brg ya..

Hanz said...

K.Yani, apa yang best kat NZ ya? diaorang ada cloth diaper tak? ekekekek...hehheheheh...

temp. housewife said...

Ti keno habih mengaji dulu. boleh knur gi jale2 ke Fukuoka.

Syigim, hmm that's a good idea. thanks my dear.

Sati, thanks.

sirna said...

wah..lg 2 weeks, selamat mengemas kak nur..

temp. housewife said...

thank you Fadilah.

temp. housewife said...

Hanz, ada cloth diaper. lebih kurang mcm yg ada kat Msia.

ena said...

takde pos barang ke? sumer nak tinggal/jual/sedekah eh?? shayangnya... huhuhu

**ku tak penah dok jauh2... takde pengalaman...siannn

Nadiah Sidek said...

bestnya nak balik dah..nak balik gak! huhu..

ummiluqman said...

tak berapa hari lagi kan.. bagus info ni c'ma pun maybe 2-3 bln pastu nak balik for good dah

~mama ila~ said...

ermm byk jugak yg nk kena settle b4 balik Mesia eh..K.Nur bwk baju jela balik nanti yea..Lain seme tinggal..BTW kak ada sket permintaanla,nanti2 kalau akak dh free akak buatla n3 cara nk buat meat ball eh..Ila ingat nk try resepi akak..Spaghetti Meat Ball ke..sedapnyer:)

temp. housewife said...

Ena, terpaksala jual, sedekah atau buang je brg2.

Nadiah tak boleh balik lg. :P hehehe enjoy dulu kat Nebraska tu.

Cik Ma, kalau balik nanti kita arrange mcmmana nak jumpa ok.

Ila, insya Allah bila akk sempat nanti akk buat entry resipi meatball.