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Monday, April 12, 2010

Making "Curry Puff" (karipap) but not weaving ketupat.

Salam to all,

If you are not Malaysians, you might not get the meaning of my title. Sorry about that. I just want to share my activities for today. Just bear with me.

This week is the second week for school break. Since our children are always asking for more time to play together, we decided (made our mind yesterday) to make some curry puffs together. There were only three of us since it was an impromptu plan. My friend, Eija wanted to make "Nasi Dagang"(Sticky Rice steamed with coconut milk,onions and a special spice)  with Tuna Curry (Gulai Ikan Tongkol a.k.a. Ike Ayo). But at last, we decided to only cook the usual rice with the Tuna Curry and some Curry Puffs. kwn sy tak berani nak masak nasi dagang dan sy sendiri tak pernah cuba masak sendiri nasi dagang. huhu

I forgot to snap some photos as we were busy having our breakfast before we started the cooking. While preparing all the food, we chatted about so many things. Basically we enjoyed ourselves doing the food as my two good friends, Eija and Hanna wanted to learn how to prepare Curry Puffs. I'm not really an expert as I used the Curry Puffs mold to help me. hehe. siap mak mertua yg bawakan ke NZ sbb nak buat karipap sendiri punya pasal. nak kelim sendiri tak berapa pandai sbb tgn amatlah tak berseni

With some interruptions from our kids (Hanna-2, Eija-4 and I myself-2), we managed to prepared all the food by 2 p.m. and just in time for our lunch. (since we had breakfast at 10 a.m.!) oh ye breakfast mkn laksa penang sbb ada kwn lain yg bg, ada juga kebab dan spaghetti goreng. hehe

By 3 p.m. we (my daughters and I) came back home only to find there was the agent of our rented house showing a lady who seemed interested to rent this house after we leave. There were also a couple of kids selling  grapes on the foot path outside of our fence. HUH! WHAT A DAY!


sirna said...

Sedapnya karipap..nyam nyam..saya buat karipap pun selalu pakai acuan je, kelim boleh tapi tak cun la karipap tuh..huhu

temp. housewife said...

Fadilah, tula pasal pakai acuan. tak reti nak kelim cantik2.

yatie chomeyl said...

mok ngoh biso wat karipap..kelik ni mennuntut dgn dio la

~mama ila~ said...

sy x penah buat karipap..Mmg x reti buat2 kuih nie..Tp nasi dagang best,fav tuh..hehe kalau ade cikgu yg boleh ajar mmg nk belajar :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

mana gmbr karipapnya kak nur?

temp. housewife said...

Ti, pandai doh buat cumo nok kelim tepi tu jah hok tok jadi.

Ila, Knur pun buat kat sini sbb mana nak beli. nasi dagang Knur tahu buat tapi tulah dulu2 tengok arwah mak je yg buat.

tak ambik gambar sbb sibuk sgt wat karipap, layan anak2 dan masak gulai ikan.

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

kalo ada gambar karipap makin sedap baca entry ni.hehehehe.
aku sampai skang tak reti kelim karipap hatta buat karipap sekalipun.apa susah rm1 3 ketul jer kat sini.hahahaha

temp. housewife said...

eliss, seronok sgt dok buat karipap sama2 lps tu layan anak2 sampai terlupa ambik gambar.