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Sunday, April 11, 2010

How your marriage could survive in a long distance relationship.

Salam to all,

I'm going to share some tips on how to make your marriage survive in a long distance relationship. I'm going to share what we (my hubby and I) did when we first got married until Fathini (our eldest daughter) turned 10 months old. We got married on 28th November 2003. During that time, my hubby was still pursuing his Masters Degree in UPM. And I worked in USM. We only met during weekends and long public holidays. I know that there are other married couple out there who have to live separately due to their job demands. And we had to be miles away too when my hubby had to come to NZ first without Fathini and me since I couldn't fly when I just knew I was pregnant with Hafizah. I've seen my parents who had to do the same thing for a longer period of time than us- about more than 5 years!.

How your marriage could survive in a long distance relationship:

  • Keep in touch almost everyday. 
         -it's so easy to keep in touch now as there are numbers of communication devices.
          We used to send e-mails almost everyday, call every two days and sometimes chat on YM.
  •  Trust each other.
         -this is vital in any kind of relationships. Don't ever listen to other people's gossips without
          checking it out for yourself. fitnah boleh menghancurkan rumahtangga
  • Make every weekend/holidays together special as possible.
        -we really value our time together and we made it as special as possible. I loved to cook special
         dish and my hubby would help me with the washing and also taking care of Fathini.

  • Share everything with your loved one.
        -don't hide your feelings. Tell him/her every single details of what happens to you everyday.
         Penting tau tambah2 lg kalau dah ada anak. kena bgtahu hr ni apa anak kita buat atau apa
         yg dia dah pandai buat

  • Tell him/her how much you love him/her.
        -don't feel shy to say "I love you". Some people think that once you are married, you don't need
         to say those three words anymore. BUT the fact is, we as a human being need to hear those
         magic words. selalu dah kawin, jd malu2 biawak nak cakap. tak patutla mcm tu :P

  • Plan that one day both of you will live under one roof.
        -this might take longer as it's based on how you want to solve your problem. Most of the time,
         one of you has to sacrifice. I was the one who had to sacrifice  my job but I was determined
         to do that especially after our daughter was admitted to a hospital for 2 nights. In my case, I
         didn't have any relatives that live nearby and I was always worried if some emergency cases
         happen. pernah kereta tak boleh start pg2 nak pergi kerja. nasib baik ada jiran tolong jump-start
         dan ada juga org jahat ketuk2 pintu dapur dan nak pecah masuk rumah. huhu

I hope those tips can help those who have to be the "weekend husband-wife". I only share things based on my own experiences. I'm sure the others could add some other tips too. For those who are still single and who knows one day, they might have this kind of relationship too, I hope you'll be prepared.


ummiluqman said...

memang mencabar hidup berjauhan.. azma berjauhan 5 bulan waktu pregnantkan luqman.. azma di sesorg di bangi, hubby di abu dhabi..isk isk. tp kdg2 mak n MIL dtg bangi temankan.nasib baik rumah apartment, tak la takut sangat sbb tau ade jiran keliling..

Noor said...

i'll be prepared

unlisted_one said...

hehe,..teringat dulu masa long distance dgn hubby masa awal2 kawan dulu, igtkan takde dah laa. rupanya ada jodoh kami..

Diyana Zulkifli said...

hmm,huhu.btul tu kak nur.bile berjauhan dgn suami,kene keep in touch.klu dulu ms berdua je,ari2 cerita psl aktiviti harian diri sndiri je.skrang ni,main topik bile suami call, cerita pasal anak ajolah..hehe..

Nadiah Sidek said...

baru tau kak nur dgn hubby dulu duk berjauhan :). mencabar tak kak duk jauh?

temp. housewife said...

Cik Ma, mmg susah kan tapi kalau dah terpaksa utk cari rezeki nak buat mcmmana.

Noor, it's good to be prepared.

Nia, kalau dh jodoh tak ke mana.

Diyana, aah dah ada anak banyak cerita pasal anak esp. apa yg hubby miss out.

Nadiah, mencabar jugak sbb kena jaga Fathini sorang2 dan keluarga pun jauh.

yatie chomeyl said...

thank Allah, u passed the 'test' . lepas ni xyoh duk jauh2 doh ;)

Fid said...

saya memang berdempek saja ngan hubby kakak
memang takleh bayang kalau dok berjauhan

temp. housewife said...

elokla selalu tinggal sebumbung sbb susah berjauhan ni.