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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just doing a spring cleaning here.

 It's been a while since I last posted my last entry. (raya sakan slps 4 thn) I went back to Kelantan on the first day of raya (10 Sept.) after at least spent few hours in Kelana Jaya with my in-laws family. (yelah kesiankan diaorg sbb anak diaorg (my hubby) tak dpt beraya kat Msia) So, from 10 - 15 Sept. my schedule was full with activities with my family and relatives. My daughters really enjoyed their time in Kelantan as they got the chance to meet their relatives on my side. (duit raya diaorg pun banyak dpt)

Basically my schedule was like this:
10th Sept. - Celebrating raya (Eid) in Kelana Jaya. I took the flight at 6 p.m. to KBR.

11th Sept. - Received some guests in my grandparents house before we went out to visit my grandma (on my father's side)

12th Sept. - Visiting the graveyard as the day before we received guests early in the morning.Visiting my father and his wife (my step-mom) and had Chicken Rice for our lunch. Then, we visited other relatives.

13th Sept. - Went to some open houses. At night, we had a BBQ with all the cousins and aunties and uncles on my late mom's side.

14th Sept. - Went out to Pasar Besar Wakaf Bharu to buy some items for my in MIL. (beli cili kering siam, gula melaka dan mangga siam) Then I went to a saloon to get a haircut.

15th Sept. - Washing clothes and doing some household chores before I left. (tak nak menyusahkan my auntie yg duduk kat rumah atuk. kenala tolong dia kemaskan balik rumah besar tu) At 7.30 p.m., we took the FireFly flight to go back to Subang Airport.

I really enjoyed my long holiday for Raya this year as I could spent my time with both sides. (my hubby's and my side) My daughters enjoyed spending quality time with their uncles, aunties, grand uncles, grand aunties, great grandma, grandpa & step grandma, cousins and the other relatives. tapi diaorg paling seronok dpt duit raya yg banyak. At least when I was in Kelantan, I didn't feel so sad even when we couldn't celebrate raya with my hubby this year.

p/s: there's no pictures here as I'm waiting for my brother, Pein to upload some photos first. He was our official photographer during raya.


mommyYen said...

Kak nur,I just visited my hubby only for one week,this weekend going back to kch,swk.monday got class..

Hamizah said...

huih berayo sakan..

transformed housewife said...

ooo ic. Ingatkan Sati belajar kat Johor.

transformed housewife said...

hehe mestila berayo lebih2 lps 4 thn tok berayo di Msia.(Hamizah)

yatie chomeyl said...

cerito prung prang..gambar xdop sekeping habuk..oghe nok tgk gambar daaaaaa

transformed housewife said...

gambar2 dgn Pein banyok. tunggu.....

Kartini said...

Salam. Raya celebrations are always hardest when celebrating with an incomplete you.. hoping that the joys of having your hubby back will overshadow the momentary sadness of this festive season.. :))