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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Story Telling Session by Opah. (Grandma)


I remember when I was small, I really like to listen to stories from my late grandma whom we called "mek" and also my late great grandma whom we called "mok". Both of them have had big influences on me and my childhood's learning experiences.  My late great grandma taught me about Islamic teachings and also how to recite Quran. While my late grandma shared some history stories during Japanese occupations and also in 1950's & 60's. I remember that I used to admire her tight kebaya and sarung as they were made of beautiful materials. She liked to tell me the stories when my late mum was small and how proud she was on my late mum's achievements.

However, right now my daughters wouldn't be able to have the same experiences with my own mum as she passes away 2 years ago. I'm thankful that they still have their opah (grandma) on their papa's side. My MIL like to entertain them by sharing some oral stories before they go to bed at night. Their favourite story now is "A Cat Named Chombi". The cat was a real cat that used to be the favourite cat in my MIL's house. When my MIL wants my daughters to be as hardworking and good, she'll tell and retell the story over and over again. Surprisingly they never get bored with the same story and always ask for more.

I reckon those examples show that any involvements from other members of their family can help to shape up the learning process and also strengthen the relationships. I always appreciate those sweet memories with my late great grandma and late grandma. I know my daughters will have the same feelings as well.

The oral story telling session is better than letting our children just sit and watch tv or play computer games. Plus it's also a good approach of teaching our children about morals.

Let's share your own experiences with your grandma or other family members. Do your mum or MIL also share the same bonding with your children? How about grandpas? Do they have the same involvements too?

P/S: Here is a photo of my MIL with her grandaughters and a grandson.


kakyong said...

opah kakyong meninggal masa usia kakyong 6 tahun.. opah belah ayah pulak tak pernah suka kan kami.. & the sad is kakyong tak penah kenal atok dr both side... so memang x pernah ade sesi mcm ni ...

transformed housewife said...

ooooo. takpela K.Yong. Skrg K.Yong sendiri boleh cari masa buat sessi bercerita dgn anak2.

Ariff Khalid (Nur's husband) said...

Ha, ha, ha... the Opah is my mom. When we were little, she is very-very strict. I get the rotan very often because I like to fight with my younger brother everyday. But with her grandchildren, she is very nice, like most grandparents.

transformed housewife said...

but sometimes she can be strict too with Fathini and Hafizahla sayang.