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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If only I could be in two places......


This is just again a spur-of-the-moment poem to describe my feeling now. After almost 4 years celebrating Eidul Fitr in Hamilton, NZ, my family members (especially my siblings) are so happy that we can celebrate Eid with them this year. However, I feel so incomplete without my darling hubby who is now battling and trying so hard to finish his phd in Waikato Uni. in NZ. For those who have the same experiences or have been in the same boat before, I reckon you can relate to how I feel right now.

If only I could be in two places

If only I could be in two places,
I would be happy to,
I would try my best to,
I wouldn't feel so torn,
I wouldn't feel so down,

I would love to be with you- my darling,
So I could kiss your hand and ask forgiveness,
I could prepare your favourite meal,
I could share your ups and downs with your experiments,

At the same time,

I would love to be there for my beloved siblings,
To share our happiness and sadness,
To experience Eid without our mum,
To still be grateful that we have each other,

And I..........
Could only wish,
Could only say If,
the fact is.........
This is just a small test from Allah,
For only HE KNOWS,


Jiey Mien said...

Oloh.. syahdu la kak nur..

yatie chomeyl said...

harap adik2 hepi la knur kelik rayo tahun ni..lamo doh adik2 tunggu

Sari said...

walau suami nur jauh dimata, ingatan tulus ikhlas yg lebih bermakna, moga ceria di hari raya..salam lebaran utk nur sekeluarga

Hamizah said...

waaa..nak blk kg..

kakyong said...

semoga tabah.. ade hikmah disebalik ujian sebegini

isabelle said...

amboi2.feeling gitu.

btw, slmt hari raya ye. i mta maaf kalo ada yg tersinggung secara x sengaja

transformed housewife said...

syahdu sikitla Jiey nok dekat2 rayo ni.

Knur tahu Tie, adik2 tunggu Knur baik lamo doh. Sbb tulah knur tulis "If only I could be in two places".

transformed housewife said...

K.Sari- tak dpt minta maaf dan cium tgn suami di pg raya nanti buat sy rasa sedih sikit.

Lps baco sajak tu, Hamizah pulok nok balik kg. ko?

Kyong- terima kasih.

Isabelle- samala. Knur oun nak minta maaf kalau ada tersilap kata.