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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raya (Eid)'s photos with my family members. (part 1)

I had to go to work this morning kena ganti kelas. huhu and I went to the office walking like a zombie. By the time I left, my daughters were still asleep. Luckily we only had to follow Friday timetable which meant that we only had classes until 12.35 p.m.

Today's entry is kind of boring as I'm still in the mood of celebrating Eid.(raya). As my younger sis- Yatie Chomeyl (that's her blogger nickname) requested to see some of our raya photos, I decided to put up some photos here. Hopefully by tomorrow, I can write something that is more meaningful and it can also be a sensitive issue for some people. apa dia? kena tunggu....

For now, just enjoy these photos:
The night before raya
There was "upacara melanggah" (tak tahu betul ke perkataan tu). It means that some men from the neighbourhood go from one house to another to say prayers as the we show our thankful to Allah. After each session, they will have some supper. We prepared sushi diaorg panggil lemang jepun. hehe, some cookies, muffins, Arabic Tea and Coffee.

In the morning of first day raya
I still went to Al-Hidayah mosque in KJ eventhough I'm not supposed to. (Puan P dtg) I just didn't want to miss the sermon after the Eid prayer and I wanted my daughters to have the real experience of raya in Malaysia. 

In the evening of first day raya
We took a flight to KBR at 6 p.m. So, somehow we also celebrated our raya with the others in Subang Airport. There were quite a number of other people who only managed to go back to Kelantan on the first day of raya too. My daughters were excited as they knew that they were going to see their relatives in Kelantan. My other siblings were waiting for me and my brother, Aeji when we arrived in KBR.
I reckon I better upload other photos tomorrow as I don't want this entry to be so long and it might make you feel bored.


kakyong said...

bestnya bawa anak2 ke masjid.. satu pengalamn utk anak2...

transformed housewife said...

aah pengalaman utk anak2 Nur yg dah lama tak ikut smbhyg raya kat masjid. Masa kat Hamilton,NZ smbhyg raya kami buat di dlm dewan kat Hamilton Garden ataupun kat rumah kwn2 Msia yg ada kwsn yg luas.

yatie chomeyl said...

kosong jah napok airport tu

transformed housewife said...

org2 lain dok kat seat lain. knur tpk ambikla gambar2 ore lain takut ado hok maroh pulok.