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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paying the debts.


Paying debts? What kind of debts am I talking about? Is it about money? No,no, no, no.

I owe some bloggers something in blogging would be as valuable as money. It's not the so much about the value too but the thoughts that count. I've been putting off this task for quite sometime now. Please forgive me K.Yong, Mommy Yen and some other bloggers who had generously

HERE IS THE ...................
FIRST AWARD FROM.............
Thank you so much ;)

And this one.....
from Mommy Yen a.k.a Sati
This award comes with some tagged questions....
1) Suka tak dapat award ni? Bagi ucapan sikit.. - (How do you feel after receiving this award? Give some comments please)
   Of course I'm happy and thrilled. Thanks to those who like to visit my blog and give some valuable comments.
2) Bintang itu cantik di mata kamu? Suka bintang? -  (Do you think that stars are beautiful? Do you like looking at stars?
   Yup stars are beautiful. I love looking at them and also sing "Twinkle2 Little Star" with my daughters. hehehe
3) Dua blog yang kamu selalu jenguk dan baca entry terbarunya? -(Can you mention two blogs that you always visit and read the latest entry?)

   For this question I have to say that it's a must for me to visit my younger's sis- Yatie Chomeyl's blog whenever she updates her blog. She's also the one who introduced me to blogging world. Then, I love to read most of the blogs  in my list.

4) Bagi award ini kepada 3 blogger yang lain. - (Give this award to 3 other bloggers)

   This is not easy as I reckon most of the bloggers that I know have received these awards. So, whoever likes these awards too, you are most welcome to get these as the small token of appreciations from me. :D


reitak said...

Congrats on your awards!
I like reading your blog and the awards are definitely fit for the blog! :)

oh, baru tau, you're related to Yatie Chomeyl :)
Blogging makes the workd even smaller, kan?

transformed housewife said...

thanks Reitak.

kakyong said...

erkkk.. kakyong penah bg award tu ke.. heheheh.. x ingat...

transformed housewife said...

sebenarnya kyong tulis sesiapa yg sudi ambik, sila ambik. heeheh