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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raya's photos (Part 2)


I reckon this weekend there are still a lot of open houses everywhere. Even in my neighbourhood area, there's one open house today. But since today is the only day for me to have a nice rest, I think it's better to stay at home and do the household chores that I need to like washing, ironing and spending time with my daughters.

All right, I just want to upload some more raya photos in this entry since I'm not really in the mood of typing other serious issues. Please enjoy the photos.

Second day of Raya
We received some guests as early as 11 and then my aunt, my SIL and I prepared "rendang, nasi minyak and gulai daging" as there were no more special raya food on the table. Then we had a nice photo shoot with our big family. The next agenda was to visit other relatives until dusk.

Third day of Raya

 We had our lunch at my abah's house (where he stays with my step-mom). My SM prepared Chicken Rice for us. Though my abah said that the dish was as good as my late's mom dish, I couldn't help myself but to disagree with his opinion. I didn't say anything in front of him bcs I don't want to hurt his or my SM's feeling. bukan tak hargai penat lelah ummi memasak tapi mmg tak bolehla nak  dibandingkan dgn masakan arwah ma sbb arwah mmg tukang masak Right after that, we went to few more houses before we called it a day for us.

4th day of Raya- BBQ night

Mohd. Rashdan
 My younger brother, Rashdan is really a generous person. He doesn't mind spending his money to buy food for his family members. He was so excited to be able to celebrate raya with his siblings especially me as for the last 4 years, my family and I were in NZ. So, on the fourth day of raya, he suggested that we should have a BBQ night with all the relatives that live nearby. In the beginning, he told us that he wanted to buy about 12 chickens! We jokingly said that if he did that, we could have had his wedding! At last he bought 6 chickens. tu pun banyak sampai tak habis2 nak mkn dan dah bahagi2 pd jiran2 terdekat It was a blast BBQ party. My aunt ( Mokcik Salmah) prepared coleslaw, mushrooms soup and fries as the side dishes. dgn pertolongan kami adik-beradikla Catching up with our cousins during the BBQ was a good excuse to have a nice feast. 
The last two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), I spent some time to go to Wakaf Bharu and bought some souvenirs to be brought home. Plus, after the tiring 4 days, I could only spent some time at my late grandpa's house and prepared some simple dish like Laksa Penang and Bihun Singapore. 

How was your raya eexperiences this year? Was it fun and tiring too?


Nur Misnan said...

salam lebaran..
wahh.. meriah sungguh ya beraya tahun ini..
dapat berkumpul dengan adik beradik

tahun ni aku nur beraya di JOHOR.
semua ada kecuali adik no. 4 yang bekerja. kesian dia..

transformed housewife said...

alhamdulillah Nur Misnan. Thn ni dpt beraya dgn adik2 dan ahli keluarga yg lain.

CatlinaFly said...

salam aidilfitri kak nur..tgh gigih berblog walking ni..qada hok cuti tu ari hihi..meriahnye tgk gmbr2 akak..

SyidaGorjes said...

raya tahun ni memang memenatkan sebab aqid dah semakin lasak....hhehehe

Nia said...

wah,..seronoknya kan kak! raya ni sebenarnya tentang keseronokan berkumpul dengan keluarga.

akak combined gambar tu guna apa kak?

Entri Terkini: Kenapa aku tak dapat BW?

Drama Mama said...

meriah! my raya this year meriah and tiring at the same time! tah berapa hari laaa lepas ni nak recover balik dari penat2 semua. huhuhu

transformed housewife said...

ni pun banyak tak letak kat sini Cat.

transformed housewife said...

anak Syida dah pandai berjln ye. tu yg tak larat mengejar.

transformed housewife said...

Akk combine gambar2 guna Photoscape. Boleh je upload Photoscape tu ket internet.

transformed housewife said...

seronok bila raya meriahkan Drama Mama.

yatie chomeyl said...


transformed housewife said...

jge jeles2x. Ti takdok mace raso ado kure jugok sebenarnyo.