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Monday, March 7, 2011

He said, She said (The Battle of Sexes)


1. He said: Women are so fussy about the little unimportant things.

    She said: Men are so forgetful of everything like their birthdays, anniversaries etc.

2. He said: Women are bad drivers.

   She said: Men always underestimate our driving skill and ability.

3. He said: Women sometimes don't really know when to just stop talking.

   She said:  Men are just too quiet sometimes.

4. He said: Women loves to cry a lot.

   She said: When men cry, they look horrendous.

5. He said:  Women are so emotional and most likely to be panicky.

   She said:  Men purposely act so cool to show that they are so masculinity.

6. He said: We need women to complete us.
   She said: We need men to make us feel perfect.

What do you reckon? Anything to add to those? Those are just based on my own humble opinion and also experiences in marriage life for almost 8 years this year.


yatie chomeyl said...

no 4 is soooo true!

Nia said...

alamak kak, pc saya punya view kecik kot, iklan heartbeat tu dah tutup entry akak sikit.

conclusion is, men are really from mars and woman are from venus..hehe.