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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Call me Bobby.


Conversation 1:

 Me        : What's your name?

Student   : My name is Salah. Call me Bobby.

Me         : Why Bobby? You don't like your real name?

Student   : No teacher. It's just easy nickname.

Me          : Salah, I will call you by your real name because every time I  say your name I'm actually praying
                 for you right?

Student    : Yes teacher. Thank you.

Conversation 2.

Me       : Kim Suk Jeoun....Jun....?
              How do you pronounce your name?

Student : Call me Clara, teacher.

Me       : Ok. But I prefer to call you with your real name.

Student : S.U.K. J.e.e.o.u.n.

Me       : All right. It's easier for me to remember your real name because I need to know who is Clara when
              I want to key in your marks in the system.

Student : Okay teacher.

When you read both of the conversations, you might say that I'm quite stern. YES! I have to admit that it's true. I really follow all the rules and sometimes can be so rigid. However, there are times when I can bend some rules. Only when it comes to saying names or pronouncing people's names, I rather be careful. My own name is not so easy to be pronounced. I hate it when people mispronounce my name. My real name is NURADYANI and there were so many times my name became a good tongue twister for other people. That's why rather than people mispronounce my name, I prefer to be call with a shorter name but still have some meaning like NUR which means "the light".

For Muslims, we know that every time we call or pronounce somebody's name, we are actually praying for that person. That's why even if there are 3 ABDULLAH in my class, I still call of them ABDULLAH but I differentiate them by their last name. Most of the time, we will see a lot of MOHAMMAD, ABDULLA, ALI and AHMAD. Those from Iran, there are a lot of ALI, REZA or ALIREZA.

In other cultures or other religions, they also believe good names can bring you good luck. That's why even Chinese, Korean or Japanese names are hard to be pronounced, I will still try my best and learn from them on how to pronounced their names correctly. After all- YING YING, SUK TENG, HASHIMI or BAEK JUNG are not that hard. Just like another tongue twisters, you just have to get it right!

SO, what is your stand on this? Have you encountered any problem with your own name?


Hamizah said...

sy bangga dgn nama sendiri..

Confession of a Coffeeholic Momma said...

i kat australia kena pakai nama sempoi, NUR. tu pun terkial2 diorang nak sebut. i suka org panggil i zakiah, but kalau put on paper... tak tersebut org.. menci menci.... time cari kerja, siap recruiter suh i tukar nama to nama mat salleh. katanye higher chances org call for interview sebab org tu senang nak sebut, so dia tak hesitant nak call me. so tak malu kalau silap sebut nama.. menci menci...

yatie chomeyl said...

salmah jd sally ekekekeke


tq jenguk blog ila.ila dah click hb jugak

ICA said...

Nur....mmg ada. Dari dulu lagi ada kadang-kadang org panggil my name wrongly. so i know the feeling too well...:)

Anonymous said...

salam kak... my own name difficult to pronounce too.I'll prefer to introduce my self by giving my first name.Some of them will keep asking my full name but I prefer to say "well... it is better for you to know me by my first name rather than making you terrible all the time try hard to pronounce my long full name".

BTW kak, I love your blog! I've learned many things from you. Especially in my English. Correct me please if I'm wrong. Thanks!

kakyong said...

nama kakyong yg mudah & simple ni pun org pernah salah eja.. tp yg menulis tu chinese la.. ade ker dia tulis 'havivah.. instead of habibah...' penin2 lalat jap.... :P