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Monday, March 21, 2011

How to reduce the stress caused by the auditors.


We have had the stressful syndrome since we knew that the auditors were coming. Last Friday, our immediate boss Erik told us about what to expect and he reminded us of what the auditors want to see when they do the observation.

I somehow have prepared a little bit on the lesson plan. Frankly speaking, I'm a kind of teacher who hates preparing lesson plans. Well, what I mean is the detailed lesson plans. That's why I don't want to go and teach in any secondary school. I love to plan my lesson only vaguely and then I love to surprise my students with some interesting activities depending on their mood.

This morning, right I arrived at my workplace, one of my colleagues reminded me that the auditors were coming. I didn't know why I acted so casually despite of the little butterflies in my tummy. I just told myself that everything was going to be okay.

I thought nobody was coming to observe me but I was totally wrong. Just after I started to check the attendance, somebody came and greeted me at the door. I just greeted her back and she helped herself to find a seat. Do you want to know what I did next?

These were the things I did. These steps can helped not just teachers like me but any other people when they have some uninvited guests like the auditors.

How to reduce the stress caused by the auditors:

1- Take a long deep breath.
     Just be careful when you take a deep breath because you don't want it to be so obvious.

2- Ignore the uninvited guest. 
    This is because you don't want to show that you are so nervous.

3- Act as usual.
    Carry out your task as usual and just tell yourself that everything is going to be fine.

4- Give yourself a pet talk.
    A pet talk can reduce the nervousness and boost up your confidence level.

Those were the tactics that had helped me this morning. I managed to teach my students as usual even the auditor was there to observe me. I'm not sure her reactions but for me, as long as I have delivered the lesson successfully, there should not be any problems.

Have you ever received any uninvited guests like the auditors? How do face them?

1 comment:

kakyong said...

x pernah jadi cikgu... heheheh..

lain jenis kerja, lain cara nya di audit... ;)