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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What A waste! Any takers please......


Early last year, I was so determine to have IT. I made sure to save some money from the part time translating job I did in order to have IT. Even when my hubby said it would be a waste, I still wanted IT so badly. I surveyed  the price and it was at  the affordable price for me. So, when I had the chance to buy IT, I didn't waste my time. I purchased IT at one of the famous hyper market in Te Rapa, New Zealand. It was about NZD $30.

When I brought it home, I couldn't wait to use IT. I used it almost everyday after  I finished doing the daily aerobic with my personal instructor. (in the DVD. hehe) My daughters loved to play with IT. For them, IT's just like one of their toys. IT's more fun because they can bounce on IT and push IT anywhere they like.

After a little while, I lost my enthusiasm in using IT. I only let my daughters to play with IT. By the time, we left Hamilton, New Zealand, I was torn whether I should keep IT or get red of IT. Finally, when my hubby offered if there's any of our things that had to be sent through post, I put IT together with our treasured book collections.

Since I started working June last year, I hardly can spend time with IT. I let my SIL to borrow IT for a while but now, she has returned IT back to me. That's why if there's any of you who wants to buy IT from me, I would love to sell IT with a very cheap price. IT better be in a good hand. Someone who loves to exercise using IT should have IT.

Let's see IT:

The price is negotiable as I'm not sure how much is this GYM BALL in Malaysia now. If anyone interested, please leave a message in the comment box or you can even contact me through my e-mail


Jiey Mien said...

Kak Nur, Ian ado Gym Ball neh.. Kaler ija.. Hehhehe..

Sini dlm RM70 kot, sbb maso beli, hargo tu lah..

transformed housewife said...

oo. ok. thanks. bulih agok berapo nok jual ni.

mommyYen said...

huhu..comel bola gym nih kak..
kompom tempat yen landing n jump-jump kalo ada ball ni..

yatie chomeyl said...

u should make the entry more marketable...the way u write will make people tok jadi beli pulop ehehhe.

kakyong said...

adik ipar kakyong pun ade ball ni.. dia emmang betul2 slim (belum kahwin lagi, buleh la berdisiplin, hehehhe)... la ni tak nampak pulak gym ball tu.. dulu ade juga nampak fikri main... ;)

Conceive a Girl said...

I have the same ball! It used to just sit in the closet until I was left without a working chair.
I'm siting on IT writing this now:)