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Friday, March 11, 2011

Standard 1 Registration is opened now for 2012 & 2013.


Fathini who just turned 6 in January will have to go to Primary 1/ Standard 1 next year. At the moment, we are still staying in KJ. That's why we have decided to send her to nearest Primary School here. My hubby has done the online registration about 2 weeks ago. After we've registered online, we only have about 2 weeks to go to the respective school and bring all the necessary documents.

Just now, I just registered Fathini in SKKJ 1. The registration was so fast and easy since I've brought all the original documents and the photocopied documents that they want to see. It only took me about 10 minutes to settle everything. After I handed out all the documents with the photocopied ones, I received the school stamp and the clerk said, "Okay, it's all done!".

So, now to make the process to be a breeze for the other parents out there, let's see the steps on ".........How to register your child/children ages 5 and 6 for Standard 1for the year 2012 & 2013.

1. Register online.
    I can give the link for Selangor Education Department. Please check it out HERE. 
    For the other states, just find the link using GOOGLE and just follow the instructions given. Don't worry if you mistakenly key-in the wrong information because you are given about 3 times to finally submit the online form.

2. Print out the online form.
    In the online form, you can see the checklist of the important documents that you need to bring to the respective school. 

3. Make a copy of each important documents. 
    You need to photocopy:
     a- The birth certificate of your child.
     b- Parents' identity cards (front & back).
     c- Marriage Certificate.
     d- The utility bill (either the telephone, water or electricity bill)
     e- The online registration form.

4. Buy an envelope and a stamp.
    You need to write you home address and glue the stamp on the envelope. The stamp can be 30 cent stamp or some schools ask for 60 cents stamp.

5. Find the suitable time to go to the respective school and bring all the documents needed. 
    The registration will be so easy when you are prepared with all the documents together with copy of each except for the utility bill. I would advise you to bring the previous utility bill just in case you haven't pay the bill.

Examples of the documents

All right. Hopefully, this entry is helpful to those who have children ages 5, 6 this year. In case, you are considering applying for school which is outside of your area, I reckon you need to go to the respective State Education Department.


isabelle said...

my adam is born in 2007. maksudnya..tak terlibat lagi la ekk?

Ladysirna said...

my hubby is a teacher but i just knew from your entry that nowadays we can register online...hehe, made easy

Diyana said...

hehe..saya antara org yg tahu awal..sbb dok skolah.hehe

kakyong said...

camana mak bapak yg xde PC @ lappy kat rumah kan...? lebih2 lagi mereka yg tak mampu yg dok kat kg2...

kat rumah ni xde printer lah pulak.. adeiiihhh....

transformed housewife said...

belle- Adam tak payah daftar lg.

sirna- hehe. kdg2 cikgu pun terlupa.

diyana- mmglah dah Diyana cikgu sekolah rendah. cuma utk parents yg sibuk, ramai tak perasan lg.

kak yong- yg takde line internet kat rumah, takde PC, boleh ke PID berdekatan atau terus je Pejabat Pendidikan Negeri untuk ambil borang pendaftaran.