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Friday, March 4, 2011

24 hours



24 is the number,
It seems so quick when it's over,
It's not that we don't remember,
that that's all we have, HOWEVER,

Time is never enough,
When we want to laugh,
Or when things get tough,
As life is always rough,

24 is whats been given,
Complaining and fretting won't be forgiven,
Though everything is always uneven,
Just our ambition and strength are the force of driven.

P/S: I just love to compose a-spur-of-the-moment poem. This poem has been composed in less than 30 minutes due to my dilemma of delegating the 24-hour per day of doing all the daily tasks I need. What do you reckon about this poem?


Anonymous said...

sayo ni x berapo puitis, x reti la nok komen pasal poem awok tu...
tp sayo stuju la.. 24 jam tu mace x cukup jah!!!

yatie chomeyl said...

nice one *two thumbs up*

Affieza said...

U have the talent to make a good poem again..keep it up!!!

Proud Mama's Dairy said...

mmg berbakat!

transformed housewife said...

thanks Proud Mamma.

Ummi Hanie said...

mmg pakar english ni ;)

p.s : saw u in TV yesterday ! hehe ... betol kan akk kan ... program GBOB (Kak Wati tu...)

transformed housewife said...

oh ye ke. tak perasan pun pasal program tv tu. betula kot sbb mmg ada org2 RTM masa kursus ECE Watie GBOB.