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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women's Day 2011.


Do you know what's that banner for?
On 8th March every year since 1911, it's a special day for all women throughout the world.
It's special because it's day when we have to stop and be happy to be born as a woman. 
This year,it marks the Centenary Anniversary of International Women's Day.

So, come on let's show some appreciations to all women including ourselves by rewarding them and yourself
a pat on the back and say that "We are great!"


yatie chomeyl said...

happy women's day to u too sis ..lebiu :)

Ummi Hanie said...

selamat hari wanita ye kak nur !

but to me...everyday is still the same..hehe ;p

Nur Misnan said...

happy woman's day sweety...

Nia said...

we are great Kak, in every single way!!

kakyong said...

tak perasan pun semalam adalah women day.. semoga kita terus sama2 menjadi wanita solehah, bukan setakat hebat di mata masyarakat tp hebat pada pandangan anak2 & keluarga.. Amin..