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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Tsunami: Please get your facts right instead of COPY AND PASTE.


I was contemplating to write some entries about Japan Tsunami yesterday and even last night but I put the thought on hold. WHY? Well, I don't really just want to follow the trend of write the entry for the sake of SEO and attracting more traffic here. I want to make sure I can get all the facts right and more presentable. It was like the frenzy trend in the blogging and other social networks' world to just update your status even when you're not so sure what really happen. Will it hurt you just to find out more first and do a little bit of research using more credible new sources like Al-Jazeera, CNN (I don't really prefer this when it comes to Muslims' issues) and other sources.

I myself is worrying about the safety of my younger sis Yatie Chomeyl, her hubby and her son who are residing in Fukuoka. In fact, I got the first news from her through her FB status. So, as long as she keeps updating of what's happening there, our family here in Malaysia can at least be calm and thankful for that.

If you want to read more of the latest updates, you can visit my sis's blog:


Fid said...

kwn saya sorang tak update2 status nih...adoi laaaa

kakyong said...

ramai yg amik kesempatan buat n3 pasal tsunami ni... konon2 kejor seo... kakyong jer yg selalu tak amik port hal ni.. sbb lebih suka baca dr blog kawan.. lagipun kita takde fact... ;)

lega dengar Tie selamat...

Anonymous said...

seram juga tgk video kat BBC, minta semuanya selamat lah!

transformed housewife said...

fid- semoga kwn Fid selamat.

Kak yong- tulah, sy baca kejap fakta ni, kejap yg lain tulis fakta lain. patutnya sisatla dari mana fakta2 tu dulu sblm COPY PASTE.

fa10- mmg takut tengok. bayangkan ore2 sano tu hok tengok depe mato.

Jiey^Mien said...

mujo tie ok..