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Monday, March 14, 2011

This blog has been reviewed by Kak Yong.


I just managed to check my blog by 8 p.m. today. The reason being is I can't blog in the office and by the time I arrive home, I have to quickly prepare some food for dinner. My hubby doesn't like to buy food from outside so often because he's so used to my cooking when we were in New Zealand before.

By the time I checked my blog, I saw a message in the comment box saying that THIS BLOG HAS BEEN REVIEWED by Kak Yong. Thank you very much for your invaluable comments about this blog. I really appreciate it since sometimes I'm so lazy to read and search for the blog tutorials when I need to learn all the HTML code what-so-ever. I'm quite hopeless in numbers. Thus, HTML coding is definitely not my forte.

Maybe sometime this week, I have to really sit and spend my time in rearranging and follow Kak Yong's suggestions so that this blog will look better. So...........stay tune and until then, you guys are welcome to go to Kak Yong's blog to read the review about this blog. CLICK HERE to view.


mommyYen said...

hai kak..
slow sgt line ni,chatbox x dpt loading..

how to participat in kak yong's reveiw ni kak?

Anonymous said...

kak yong pun pernah juga review blog kite...
seronoknya klu pandai godek2 mcm kak yong tu kan?

kakyong said...


faham sgt cabaran ibu bekerja & berblog ni.. bayangkan kak Redmummy, juga ibu yg bekerja & dia spend masa on blog dr jam 9-10 mlm (selepas anak2 tidur) hingga 1-2 pagi...

gud luck Nur, pelan2 adjust.. kalo tak faham.. email jer kakyong.. ;)

leave ur komen kat n3 ini..

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