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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hopefully She is His Mrs Right.


During October last year, I wrote a special entry sharing about my younger brother, Rashdan. He's a special person since he has some disabilities (though not so severe) but he never let his disabilities to stop him from being a successful businessman. I expressed my concern about him in that special entry. (You can go HERE, to read my previous entry about him) .

One of my aunts (Mok Ngoh) who always lends her ears hearing about my brother's problems, has helped to find someone. She asked around and she received some helps from her colleagues. There is one suitable woman that some people has suggested. So, Mok Ngoh told my brother about her. He was so excited and he went to the woman's house with one of my uncles just to meet her brother and of course the woman herself.

Now, they have some kind of relationship when they are communicating with each other through the text messages (SMS). My brother has asked me to go back to Kelantan during the next school holiday by th eend of May. Unofficially, he has giving me the task of being a WEDDING PLANNER. I'm honoured and excited to help him since I feel so obliged as his eldest sister.

Right now, I'm putting everything on a paper so that I can see the lists of WHAT TO DO. Does anyone out there has some experience on this? Would you like to share some ?


Syigim said...

alhamdulillah. hopefully they're happy together ke akhir hayat :) congrats kak nur, and good luck being a wedding planner!

Fid said...

selamat mendapat adik ipar!!!!ahdik YC balik tak nanti?hehehhe
nyebuk je saya nih
semoga semuanya lancar!

yatie chomeyl said...

ahkak Fid, kalau depa jadi kahwen; insya Allah ai balik hehe

ICA said...

Nur, yes I baca about your last entry regarding your brother. And I am so glad to hear this news about him. I wish him well and semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar. InsyaAllah, bila nak menuju jln yg baik, Allah akan mempermudahkan... :))

transformed housewife said...

syigim- I'm so excited now.

fid- tak tahu lg plan mcmmana ni. kalau ada rezeki, YC balikla.

Ica- I'm so relieved too!

kakyong said...

tumpang gumbira mendengar khabar ini... :D