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Friday, April 22, 2011

Black Listed: The real situation (for now).


In yesterday's entry, I shared my unfortunate fate of being black listed in one of the "famous" government agency. (I reckon you can guess which one). So, today my brother went to the headquarter in Pahang to clarify and find out about the real situation. He was actually been caught red-handed during one of the road blocks in Kuantan. The road tax had been expired for few days. So, he was guilty as charged. He understood that and he attended the court proceeding when they called him. He was penalized and had to pay RM400 on the spot! He paid the penalty as it was his obligation. He was not been informed that the owner of the car (that's ME!) was somehow responsible and must pay some penalty too! I knew about what happened because my brother told me about this. I thought it was settled back in 2007! I was residing in Hamilton, New Zealand from Mac 2007 until April 2010. Thus, I was in Malaysia when this happened and that's why I had asked my brother to take care of my car.

Now, we tried to solve this problem by asking that government agency to verify the best way to settle this. My brother was quite furious with this situation because he thought everything was settled. It's not that he forgot to renew the road tax when he was caught red-handed during the road block. He already made the payment to the bank but he didn't receive it back due to the other problems. I might have to go all the way to Pahang just to settle this but the road tax will be expired by 28th April! Arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm so stress out because of this and I really hope that this "nightmare" will soon be over.

Please pray for me and I really hope that this thing won't be so complicated anymore.


Anonymous said...

tok suko dgn bendo2 ggini!
baco la ayat2 dpn officer tu... insya allah

mommyYen said...

hope the best for u kak..

reitak said...

Gov agencies just love to make innocent people's life miserable...and they let the real criminals loose..

hang in there, am sure it'll work out fine!

transformed housewife said...

fa10- nok cubo selesai la ni.

sati- thanks.

reitak- I guess u're right. They love to target innocence people and the real culprit can happily get away. huhu