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Saturday, April 23, 2011

What you write is a reflect of your emotion.


It's almost 2 years for me in this blogging world. I have to admit that I'm still a little bit clueless of what should I write everyday. I'm amazed with those who can come up with few entries per day. I find it hard to keep up even with an entry per day. Some can babble about anything but still manage to get people to leave some comments.

I love to write based on my sincere opinion. What I've shared and going to share reflect my true emotion. I reckon most of you out there fall into this category too.

Let's see about the different categories of entry:

1- Bubbly and exciting entry-
    Obviously the blogger is in a good mood. The person choose to write using the positive words and the tone  is a happy mode.

2- Serious and furious entry-
    When we are dealing with some problems and we have decided to share it in our blog, we tend to write   up about our frustrations and anger, right?

3- Heartbreaking and inviting sympathy entry-
    Sometimes when we are so down, writing an entry would be a piece of cake because we will have lots of ideas. Readers who can understand the situation will feel  the pain and will sympathize us.

4- Funny and witty entry-
    It's not easy to entertain readers unless you have the raw talent of being funny and making jokes without being silly. The witty type would have a nice punch line at the end.

5- Informative entry-
    I can't really classify the emotion for this entry but my best guess, just that the blogger is neither happy nor sad. The blogger want to share some good tips or useful information with the readers.

Now, which type/types of entries have you had in your blog? As for me, I've tried all but I guess I'm not that good in whipping up something funny and witty.


Nadiah Sidek said...

nadiah yg 1st tu kot :p

Sitisifir10 said...

Saya pun tatau saya dalam kategori mana..tapi kalau saya dalam keadaan yang kalut saya elakkan menulis sbb saya tak berapa minat orang kesiankan saya...hehe

transformed housewife said...

Nadiah- itu mmg entri yg popular Knur rasa.

PIjah- Knur kdg2 menulis juga dalam keadaan tertekan tapi bukan nak harapkan simpati cuma nak meluahkan perasaan.