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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feeling so ancient?


Have you ever look at what the teenagers and youngsters love and wonder why on earth do they like those? Have you ever criticized their interests or look down on them?

I've asked you those questions because right now I am in charged of training my students to perform this Friday for their graduation party. As the theme is "Earth Day" this month, we have to sing a song that's related to the theme. At first my students want to sing Justin Bieber's, Akon or 50 Cents's song, BUT I told them we can't just choose any song that we like. Plus I told them that Justin Bieber's song especially "Baby, Baby" sounds so ridiculous to me. I even used the word "YUCKY"!

I know definitely my students might have thought that I sound so ancient. They would think that I'm too old for their taste. I have to agree with their thought. I'm just way past the time where you adore and admire some artists or celebrities.

At last, I've chosen "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson as that song has a loud and clear message. It's really perfect for the theme "Earth Day". So, why don't you listen to this song and understand the message. Oh, BTW I'm only the first few parts of the song for the performance as this song is quite long.


Conceive a Girl said...

Ah! I remember that song... But I also remember what MY parents used to think about MJ;-)

yatie chomeyl said...

meme knur ancient pun..jak dulu lg, buke lo ni jah hahhha *gurau jah :p*

luckylizan said...

okey lah tu lagu heal the world..lagu earth song dia pun best gak kan tapi kang terjerit2 la pulak murid2 nur nak ikut nyanyi..

mila.ibunajihah said...

Memang la kak nur, budak2 skrg ni advanced sgt da. kita ni kenalah keep up juga..apa pun sy mmg suka lagu heal the world yg snts evergreen

isabelle said...

bila i pi karaoke dgn students, rasa ancient jugak. hampess betul

Aleyn said...

Great choice....'Heal the World' the song

transformed housewife said...

CAG- I wonder what were your parents' opinion on MJ.

Tie- meme pong. selero ore tuo seket :P

K.Ijan- tadi sy yg terjerit2 nyanyi dgn diaorg. heheh

MIla- susah nak ikut perkembangan semasa kan.

Belle- tu la kan. Kita dengar lagu2 lain. Diaorg suka lagu2 lain.

Aleyn- I love the song too!