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Friday, April 8, 2011

Relax and be patient.


Jumm'ah Mubarak- that's what my Arab students always wish me on Friday. I was not really sure what can I share today but I'm trying to talk abt something.

Relax & Be patient- I used to a hot-tempered person. However, since I gave birth to Fathini, I've learned to reduce the temperament. I'm even better after Hafizah was born. They have taught me to control my anger and to feel relax because "every little things is going to be all right". I also feel calmer whenever I remind myself about these two words. As Muslim, we know that "Assobru minal iman". It means; patience is part of our faith. So, let's try to remind ourselves to always BE PATIENT.


kakyong said...


kakyong ni sellaunya relax ajer.. tp bile emo & anak2 buat hal yg berulang2 sampai tahap kita tak larat nak sabar dah... memang boleh hilang juga kesabaran..

masa kita sabar, sampai menangis tahan perangai anak2.. tp bila dah tak leh nak tahan tu.. singgah juga rotan ke kaki anak2...

kakyong said...

dah klik HB