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Monday, April 18, 2011

Why teachers have to monitor pupils' BMI Not their own parents?


My hubby and I have noticed about this OBESITY ISSUE lately. Now after our Vice PM said something and in today's newspaper, they decided to take control on this issue by implementing some drastic measures in schools. What are the measures? Let's read the article first:

Kids' report cards to carry more 'weight'

PETALING JAYA: Effective immediately, school report cards will include the student's body mass index (BMI) as a way for teachers to monitor the student's health. Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said this was among new measures to keep parents abreast of their children's health and to know whether their children were overweight or obese.

The decision was reached during a cabinet committee meeting earlier this month chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

"The BMI will indicate if the child is overweight or obese.
"If the child is overweight, the teacher will advise the parents to get help from the nearest clinic.

"We have identified unhealthy food at the school canteen as one of the causes of obesity.

"Effective immediately, canteen operators will not be allowed to sell soft drinks and foods with a high sugar content.

"The food in school canteens will be regularly monitored.

"In addition, there is also a ban on hawkers selling junk food outside the school," he said after closing the 5th Health Clinic Advisory Panel national convention and launching the panel member card for 2010-2013 yesterday.

Liow said the measures were necessary because of the increase in the number of obese and overweight children.

Malaysia, he said, was currently ranked sixth among Asian countries and first in Southeast Asia for a high percentage of obese citizens.

Some 30 per cent of Malaysians were overweight, he said, while another 30 per cent were obese.

He added that the ministry estimated that some 1.7 million Malaysians aged 18 and above were obese.

I also read some insights from a primary school teacher about this issue as she's one of the teachers who will be in charged on this. Go to THIS LINK to see her opinion about this.

Does it sound scary? We might have to have "THE BIGGEST LOSERS" every year in Malaysia if the number is still increasing. I strongly reckon we should start on monitoring and controlling our children diet and also be the good role models to them. It''s not fair if we blame on the teachers as we as parents who don't really pay attention or we are the one giving the unhealthy food because we are too busy with our jobs.


yatie chomeyl said...

bik mama bini PM tu obese ke dop? ekekkeke

transformed housewife said...

tu tokleh komenla sbb nanti keno saman pulok :P

Affieza said...

Agree with u..everything start from home, so parents need to be alert about that issue too..

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

kalo emak nyer pun sama obes, macam mana tu ..huhuhuhuhu

knv said...

betul sis. actually makpak la yang paling dekat dengan anak2. patut tanggungjawab kat makpak kan.

actually hal2 macam ni bermula dirumah. kalau cikgu2 dok pulun kat sekolah aje tapi kat rumah memang diet tak berkhasiat, camno tu?

memang canggih malaysia ni. tak terjangkau akalku. :D

Nia said...

tapi kan kak, kalau diaorg letak2 kat report card mcm ni, idak ke budak tu malu kalau compere dgn kawan2 dia..huhu..

transformed housewife said...

Fieza- exactly.

eliss- mak & anak2 sama2lah kurangkan berat badan. selagi sihat dan tak overweight takpe Eliss.

knv- nak jd negara maju sampai masalah negara maju pun kita dah nak dapat ni.

Nia- itu boleh menimbulkan masalah rendah diri pulak kan.

Izan@mamaAdam said...


Anonymous said...

aduh!!! pening la ppalo cikgu lps ni!
tokey canteen jual mknn tok berkhasiat, alih2 cikgu pulok bertamboh kerja.