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Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't beat around/about the bush!


As the non-native speakers of English, we always find it difficult to really follow and understand the structure in English. Most of the time, our L1 (first language) is the common language that we use everyday. Thus, we tend to think and construct sentences in our first language then translate them literally into English. When my students ask for some tips especially in writing, I couldn't just give any shortcuts to them. Would you like to know the tips too? Yes? Okay- let's see.................................................

Tips in using English without any literal translation from L1.

1- Start with simple sentences in English.
    Using simple sentences can avoid you from committing too many grammatical errors. Only when you are familiar with compound sentences, then you can start experimenting and venture in them.

2- Make sure the words that you are using are in the correct context.
    Some words have so any meanings. That's why it's important to check which meaning that you intend to say in your sentence. Wrong context can caused misunderstanding.

3- Read and apply sentences that you've read or heard somewhere.
    It's always handy when you are an avid reader because you'll be so familiar with some expressions or quotations  used by other people. This is the best way to write a good piece of writing provided that you quote it by acknowledging the source.

4- Stop thinking in your L1 structure.
    What will happen when you are  still thinking in your L1? You'll write sentences that have weird context and may sound funny.

5- Last but not least; Don't beat around/about the bush.
   English is pretty simple language. You can just tell what you want to tell in few words. Some other languages like Bahasa Melayu, we have to beat around/about the bush before we can say what we want to say. So, next time you want to write something in English; just go straight to your point.

I hope these tips can help those who still doubt that they can write something in English. I would say the best method is also just keep trying until you get there. Don't ever give-up because it's never too late to start learning and applying your skills.


mommyYen said...

klik hB kak juga :)

yatie chomeyl said...

aye aye teacher :)

kakyong said...

kakyong dah lama tinggalkan english report... rasa dah lari semua grammar.. nak tulis n3 in english pun dah tak confident... hahahha....

NoEn said...

suka bc blog akak especially bnyk tips nk improve english..even grad from UIA(konon mesti terer english) but masih ragu2 nk menulis in englih(tambahan kerja sekarang kurang guna english)..selalunya akan rojak..but tgh mencuba untuk menulis dlm BI..huuhu