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Sunday, April 10, 2011

This customized t-shirt looks attractive!


I'm thinking about buying this customized t-shirt from HB. If you want to know more just click on the Heartbeat banner. The offer is so attractive and I would like to buy 2 t-shirts so that, my hubby and I can have the same t-shirts. Has anyone bought the t-shirt? I would like to know about your opinion if you've bought it. I would highly appreciate your feedback about this.


yatie chomeyl said...

klik2 ur HB

kakyong said...

wah.. harga promosi tu..
kalo ade bajet kakyong pun teringin nak beli... ;)

mommyYen said...

i know kak,customize t-shirt ni sgt comel kan..

*dah tolong klik HB kak nur..hehe*

mila.ibunajihah said...

tshirt tu ok kak nur..but i prefer kalau ada kaler black. Tp sy ingat nk order mini tee tula..kiut..:)
yup..klik ur hb