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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Siblings Rivalry: Fathini VS Hafizah.


Siblings rivalry is so common among siblings especially if the age gap is so close. I remember when I was small, I had some arguments and misunderstanding with my younger sis YATIE CHOMEYL. Even though the age gap is about 4 years, we were the only girls before our youngest sister was born in 1994. Basically, we grew up together and bickering, fighting over something and the jealousy feeling were so inevitable. 

My daughters; Fathini and Hafizah also have experienced some inevitable symptoms of siblings rivalry. One second, they can play nicely with each other. The next second, Fathini shouts at her Hafizah. Hafizah who is more boisterous, loves to hit Fathini. They really remind me about what happened to me long time ago.

I always use the normal methods of-

FIRST: Ignore the incident.
SECOND: Check if they still can't resolve the problem.
THIRD: Never choose any side. Ask them to apologize to each other.
FOURTH: Take away their privileges like watching tv or playing with toys (and etc) if they don't want to apologize.
FIFTH: Put them in a separate place for a while as "THE TIME OUT" punishment.

Sometimes those methods are easier said than done, right? My daughters know there's a soft spot in me that can make them escape from any kind of punishments. If I think at that moment, I'm not able to handle the situation, I'll hand over the task to my hubby! Well, it's good to have someone else to help you out especially when you yourself are so stressed up.

The last thing I want to share today is about what happened to 2 of my brothers years ago:

My brother P was so mad at his younger brother E who was always rude. They got into a serious fight like a scene in a boxing match. E almost punched P. Fortunately P, managed to avoid. When my late mom saw what happened. She immediately asked them to stop and sit. Then, she went back to the kitchen. When she came back, she ask P & E to sit next to each other while facing backward. She tied them together and asked them to continue with their fight. GUESS what happened after that? Both of them were so quiet and totally forgot what they were fighting about.


neardiez said...

hahaha..terbaek la akak..saya pun smpai skng slalu gk gaduh-gaduh ngn ababg-abang ni..hehehe

Wan Anie said...

Apa kabar? maaf sebab lama tak jenguk sini....

Saya pun selalu ignore jer bila anak-anak gaduh, dan biasanya mereka akan berbaik selepas beberapa saat atau beberapa minit tidak sampai sejam pun.

saya belajar perkataan baru hari ni

.m.u.n.i.r.a. said...

kak nur, kes gaduh-gaduh ni yang akan jadi sweet memori untuk di kenang kan?
saya kecik-kecik dolu selalu jadi mangsa buli my sis!huhuhuhu
tapi sejak kitorang naik, jadi close fren plak!:)

Confession of a Coffeeholic Momma said...

hihihi.. now i know y yatie kata tak taulah how arwah mak pening dgn anak2. ;)

tq for the tips anyway, insyaAllah useful in atleast 4-5months time bila adik miya ni reti nak cari gadoh. now diorang sokmo jealous time nyusu aje. kalo kak long ni nyusu, adik yg tgh lena ni mesti tiba2 berbunyi. cam tau tau aje kak long dia ngecek susu.

yatie chomeyl said...

Gee I couldnt recall that moment. Might be bcoz P & E fight a lot when they were a little boy hahahahhaha

We stop fighting and being jealous with each other when u went to boarding school. That's when I start missing u :D

pB said...

anok jatae kalu baloh guno fizikal

anok puae' kalu baloh , mulut hok derah bunyi ....

paling paling ganah , nghem'bah pintu ....

ICA said...

Memang boleh relate sangat bab ni... but I find that time out tak work sangat esp for Aila yg tak faham sgt if I said time out ni..she would still continue buli kakak dia...but she can say sorry easily too. I pun dulu sama jugak selalu gaduh dengan my sister but now we are as close as 2 sisters can be...:))

Ladysirna said...

siblings always like that..tapi tula, air dicincang takkan putus kan..

luckylizan said...

k ijan dulu selalu gak gaduh dengan abang, jarak umur kami 3 tahun, dia perasan dia dah besar sangat lah konon.. pantang berjumpa memang gaduhnya lah..tapi bila dah tua ni ktrg jadi best friend..hehehe

transformed housewife said...

neardiez- semua org yg ada adik beradik mesti ada pengalaman ni kan.

Anie- salam. takpo Anie sibuk loni.

Munira- bila dah besar baru boleh fikir dgn cerdik sikit kan.

CCM- banyak lg cerita2 kitaorg. tapi keno korek balik cerita2 lama.

transformed housewife said...

Tie- maso tu Tie tak dok di rumoh.

PB- julo2. meme anok jate suko gocoh. anok tino baloh, mulut jah gege.

Ica- sometimes some methods don't work for some children.

Sirna- betul tu.

K.Ijan- tu yg bagus tu bila jd bestfriend kan.

kakyong said...

anak2 ni biasalah..
setiap masa mesti nak bergaduh.. kdg2 berebut mainan,.. apa yg kakak main, dia adik sibuk nak rebut.. & vice verse...