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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teaching with "sexy voice".


Picture this or imagine this scenario:

A female teacher walks into a class. She smiles to her students and nods her head when her students greet her. Then, she writes something on the board. These are the words on the board,- I'm having a very bad sore throat. Please bear with me today as I'm unable to teach like usual.

 (image from GOOGLE)

What do you think the response from the students? What kind of reactions that they might give?
Before I tell you what really happened today, I have to tell you that I'm the teacher in the scenario. Last night, after a series of bad cough, I slept with a bad inflammation in my throat. I reckon this has been caused by the flu I've been having since last week.

A sore throat or throat pain is a common physical symptom usually caused by acute pharyngitis, or throat inflammation, though it also occurs in a number of other situations, such as post trauma and in diphtheria. It can cause mild to extreme pain. (source: WIKIPEDIA)


When my students knew about my condition today, they pitied me and they really cooperated. They followed to each of my instructions and participated in the lesson. I prepared the lessons whereby I reduce the teacher talking up to 25% and the rest was only the exercises and oral practices. Wonderfully, each classes really enjoyed today's lesson. It had made me to reflect on my previous approach and I reckon I should be suffering with sore throat more if I want my students to really pay attention in class. huhu


mommyYen said...

haha kak,nextime kak boleh pretend having sore troat again if they don want to listen...

*senyum sorang2 baca ni*

isabelle said...

so should we conclude that they prefer us not to bebel too much? :P

Affieza said...

Hehe..mcm2 lah diaorg ni...

transformed housewife said...

Sati- tulah. kena asyik sakit tekak nampaknya.

Belle- maybe. huhu

Affieza- mmg mcm2 dan mengada2.

Ladysirna said...

your students ni sure tak berani nak buat hal coz tahu teacher dia tgh sakit tekak kan

get well soon kak nur

Izan@mamaAdam said...

boleh plak dorang ikut arahan ya..sajakan buat2 degil..cepat sembuh ya nur..sian