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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Romantic & Loving Couple Contest

This is a contest that has been organized by mama tisya. We don't really have a lot of romantic photos but as I browse through our photos, I found this picture.

So, let's get down to the contest. Here are the details needed:

Full names: Ariff b. Khalid & Nuradyani bt. Rosly
Wedding date: 28 November 2003
Anniversary: This year it will be our 6th anniversary. (how time flies)
Details about the photo: This photo was taken during our 5th anniversary which was also my hubby's 29th birthday last year (2008) . We always had double celebration as our wedding date was on the same date as my hubby's birthday. (bukan betul2 rancang, kebetulan tahun kami kawin, jatuh tarikh tu. masa tu raya keempat). The location of the photo was in our dining room in our rented house in Hamilton, New Zealand. It was my first attempt of decorating the cake with lots of icing. Well, it didn't look so neat however my hubby liked it. My daughters were happy to eat the cake without really understand why we were celebrating. My sister-in-law was the one who asked us to pose like that. She asked my hubby to give me a peck and I was happy to pose along. That's it about the photo. Now I have to insert the link to the contest. Here is the link:


Mama Adam said...

Romanticnya dier. Tesengih2 kt tengok he he.. Yani, MamaAdam nyibuk lagi boleh? Yani boleh tukaw color font taw. Gi kat Layout, Font n Colors. Click kat kotak kiri dlm scroll box tu. Choose new color kat sebelah kanan. Sambil tu boleh scroll kat bawah, tengok color baru tu ngam ker dak dgn blog Yani.

Saiz font pun boleh tukaw gak kat situ. Try eh. Jgn luper save changers.. hik hik..

yatie chomeyl said...

gd luck sis ;)

mama tisya said...

ok dh view..good luck

aYu said...

salam kenalan kak.