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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A visit to Hamilton Zoo during winter.

Last Saturday (11 July 2009), we (my hubby, my daughters and I) went to Hamilton Zoo. (mesti ramai yg pelik kenapa pergi zoo pun nak tulis kat sini kan). It's actually the winter season now in New Zealand. So, we did something bizarre when we decided to go there. We invited few Malaysians friends to come along and join us but none showed up. Well, maybe they thought it was not a wise idea to visit the zoo during winter.

We were the first family to arrive there as we didn't want to be caught in a rain. According to the weather forecast that day, the rain would come in the afternoon. We arrived there at 8.45. The place was opened at 9.10 a.m. So, we waited in the car while having our breakfast. (makan rice wheels jer). By 9.10 a.m. we went inside to buy the tickets. We bought the family pass tickets which costed about NZD$36.

The first thing that we saw inside the main building was the souvenir shop (kat situ jugak beli tiket). Then, we saw the cafe. As we go further, we could see some birds and little monkeys. Hafizah, my youngest daughter was afraid when she heard the birds. She was screaming and crying when we stop for a while to see the birds.

Then we saw two different kinds of lemurs, wild cat, swans, ducks, alpacas, kune-kune pigs, lizards, zebras, ostriches, giraffes and rhinos. (dah malas nak taip pjg2la ni). As we go along to see each animals, we could see that they were kind of lazy. Some were hiding like the two chimpanzees that we saw hiding in a bush. Some were sleeping. So, we tried to be as quiet as possible. We didn't want to disturb them. We even switch off the flash of our camera when we took the pictures. Below are some pictures of the animals. Well, there were other pictures as well but I think these pictures would be enough here. (takut kan bosan pulak tengok gambar2 binatag ni. hehehe).

After about 2 hours of walking around, we stopped at the cafe and had our lunch. We didn't actually eat in the cafe because we brought our own food. (macammana nak makan, ada bercampur ham dgn bacon). I had prepared 'bihun goreng' or fried noodles. Well, when we ate it, itwas so freaking cold but we were hungry and we just ate. We also had some juices. My hubby and I bought two cups of cappucino from the cafe. (tak fasal2 bila balik rumah pening2 lalat sbb kami ni bukan selalu minum kopi. tapi dah nak minuman panas, beli je apa yg ada kat situ). Fathini played at the nearby playground after she has eaten her lunch. My hubby looked after her. I waited for Hafizah to wake up as she took a nap before we went to see zebras, ostriches and spring boks. She woke up few minutes after I finished eating. She was starving too because she was able to finished the rest of our food. Then, it was time for us to go. We left the zoo at about 12.15. My daughters and I had visited Hamilton Zoo before with our playcentre friends but we had a different experinces when we visited the zoo again with my hubby. Plus it was during winter and the last time we went was during the Spring where it was quite warm.


yatie chomeyl said...

nate gapo pendek kaler hite tu? peliknyor..dop rajing tengok

Ummi Hanie said...

salam kak nura...

akk skang dok Hamilton ekk ?? same place lah dgn my sis !! dia dah brtahun2 gak la menetap di sana..hubby nyer org nmok gayenye mcm tetap jugaklah dok sana tu...namenyer Linda... =)

ok..jenjalan ler byk2 ye kak sebelom balik Malaysia..bestnyer dpt jenjalan di ngr org...

Ummi Hanie said...

it's me again !!

akk bese dok Bukit Pnachor n keje di USM Tarnskrian yer?? School mane and..lecturer ker??
Suami sy school chemical engineering as a senior lecturer .. =)

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

Salam ummi Hanie,
ur sis duduk sini jugak? kami ni ramai jugak kat sini. kebanyakannya students yg belajar kat Waikato Uni. nanti bolehla akak cari ur sis. apa nama hubby dia?
Akak kerja dr thn 2001 hingga akhir thn 2005 kat bhgn Pusat Bahasa & Terjemahan as an English teacher.