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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Malaysian Playgroup (main masak2 lg)

(Farah was beating the egg) (Aisya helped to put some flour)

(They were taking turns to stir) (Putting some choc. bits)

(The last step before baking)

Today (15 July 2009), we had another playgroup session at my house. I invited some of my Malaysians friends over to make some muffins. (sebenarnya mak2 bercerita, bergossip sambil bg anak2 main). We started at half past ten. We gathered at the dining table after I've put all the ingredients that were needed for the muffins. I chose the simplest muffin recipe as we wanted to involve our kids throughout the processes.

The first thing to do was to arrange the cups in the baking tray. We began with the beating of an egg with 125 g of butter. Farah, Nazlah and Fathini took turn in beating the egg mixture. Then, Aisya helped me by putting 2 cups of self-raising flour and 1/2 cup of sugar in a big bowl. Next, I asked Aisya to make a hole in the middle of the flour, the other kids helped to pour the egg mixture into the big bowl. They also took turn in mixing the ingredients before I put 2/3 of milk. The next step was the most interesting step for them. It was time to put some chocolate bits. Each kids grabbed some chocolate bits and put some into the big bowl. Then, again they took turn to stir all the ingredients. When it was time to put into the cups, only Fathini and Nazlah stayed to help as the others can't wait to go back to the living room to play.

After 25 minutes in the oven, the mini muffins were ready. The kids couldn't wait to try them. But we (the mums) asked them to let the muffins to cool off. In just few minutes later, they ate most of the muffins. I also baked another batch for the adults. We enjoyed eating while the kids enjoyed playing together.

P/S: mesti semua pelik kenapa asyik2 masak je. well, kebetulan anak2 kami semua perempuan dan skrg winter. tak boleh nak main kat luar sbb sejuk. makan jer ler nak bg panas badan. hEhe.


yatie chomeyl said...

bagus..ajar anok2 daro tu masok dr kecik2 lg, nanti besar sene nk suruh msk dapur hehe

MamaAdam said...

@kum, besnyer main masak2. Makeover blog eh. Nak try background baru tak? I suggest Yani gi kat Ada banyak b.grd sampai tak terpilih2.. ada instruction camner nak install. Sajer la kalo nak tukaw2. Yg ini pun cantik gak.. hik hik.

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

Mama Adam,
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check it out. Kat sini (Hamilton,New Zealand), kitaorg selalu jugak main masak2 ni sbb yelah tak de tempat yg halal jual kuih-muih. Yg banyak, India Muslim jual kebab, pizza dan mknan2 Indian je.