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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The new term (Term 3)in Peachgrove Playcentre

Today was the first day we went to Peachgrove Playcentre again after the school holidays ended. It's good to see the familiar faces there. I also found out about the additional team member for the Thursday team. Hmmm an extra member was always come in handy.

My team members hadn't had any chance to meet and discuss our planning for this term. Well, we always kind of laid back. So, we decided that we are going to have our planning meeting by this week. I already had some ideas for this term. I want to suggest to my team members of doing painting and decorating on old t-shirts, making mobiles using shells and other materials we already have, doing aerobic with the kids and of course doing some cool stuffs like little experiments.

Joining and having the chance to volunteer in Peachgrove Playcentre had always saved me from getting bored. I like the idea of parents run the place and do all the work. They also offer heaps of free courses for the parents. This kind of thing should be expended to other countries. I'm thinking that we should have this kind of thing in Malaysia. However, we need the supports and sponsorship from the government as here in New Zealand, playcentres are sponsored by New Zealand government. That's why the parents only pay about NZD $30-$40 per term. (each term is about 10 weeks).

I'm interested to know if any of you readers out there know about the current situation regarding kindergartens and nurseries in Malaysia. I can share some of my experiences here as I also plan to further my study when I go back to Malaysia. I'm interested in looking at pre-school education. I want to do M.Sc TESL in UPM but pre-schooling has always been my interest.

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