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Friday, July 24, 2009

My princesses stories.

I want to share a little bit about my princesses; Fathini and Hafizah. Fathini who is 4 years old, can't wait to grow older and be 5. Hafizah who is 2, still consider herself as a baby as she knows she's the little one. When they are playing nicely with each other, I can have my own time doing other things. (including blogging. hehehe). But when they are bickering, shouting at each other or starting to hit each other, I always find myself torn as I don't know what to do. All the books about parenting will be useless as the techniques are not really suitable to all children. Most of the time, I will tell them to stop hitting each other, stop shouting and bickering.

Both of them are quite good in using English now. Maybe because of the influence from their peers in Peachgrove Playcentre. Plus they are at the age where they can easily absorb languages. Sometimes they sounded so funny when they tried to use English and Bahasa Melayu at the same time. For example, HAfizah usually says "Mama, nak milk please". Fathini will use a word in Bahasa Melayu when she is not sure like "Mama, I want to go to my friend's rumah". We (my hubby and I) want them to be able to converse both in Bahasa Melayu and English. I want them, if possible to be able to kecek kelate too. (Am I too demanding?hmmm).

What's interesting when they are at this age is watching them beceming more creative and exploring new things on their own. Fathini attends Peachgrove Palycentre 3x a week. Hafizah 2x
a week
. They have learnt heaps of interesting things there and without a doubt, I myself have picked up some ideas. That's why I like to spent my time at a dollar store and buy some supplies for my kids at home. They have papers, colouring books, colouring pens and pencils, puzzles, some crafts and some other knick-knacks. They also have blocks and other educational toys. (org lain pun mesti beli banyak toys utk anak2 jugak kan).

Sometimes, I just let them use their imagination when they play. It's not hard to do as we can relate to our own childhood games when it comes to imagination. My princesses used their chairs and it became a bus. They used their blankets to build a castle or make a cave. They used the coffee table as their little bed. They liked to hide behind the sofa and pretended that it was their home!.

I'm happier that I have this opportunity to spend my time with my little princesses now. When Fathini was little, I missed a lot of things as I worked from 8-4 Mondays-Fridays. I know that I want to go back to work but at the same time how I wish I could have time with my family too. I'm sure lots of women out there have the same dilemma. It's not easy to be a woman right?


yatie chomeyl said...

I miss both of them soooooooooooooooooooooooo damn much!

Cant wait 2 c them again..*dunno when* :(

fireflies said...

wah.. comei diorg tu.. terer english pulak tu sy rs sbb ada dna dna nur dan arif yg terer english juga tuuu

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

Cik Ti,
nantila kami nok gi ke Fukuoka. Nok jupo dgn Nazhan jugok. We miss u too....

budak2 mmg senang nak pick up language masa kecik2 ni. Tka payah ajar pun sbb diaorg dengar dan belajar sendiri.