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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Second Project: Malaysian Playgroup in my house.

Yesterday, (8July 2009) we had a wonderful time at my house. I organized a playgroup for Malaysians here (well, I just invited few friends as most of my friends were busy with their studies). We made pizzas with yummy toppings. Thanks to my friends who brought along some ingredients, we were able to make pizzas, mashed potato and salad. I made the pizza base at 9 a.m. as my friends came at 10 a.m. Two of my friends showed up with their kids at 10.20 a.m. Altogether we had 5 little girls who were excited to make their own pizzas.

Those are the pictures during the activity. I didn't really had chance to take a lot of pictures as I was busy helping them as well. My friends, Hanna and Ruhaya were helping their daughters. It's good to see how they made their own decisions in choosing what to put on their doughs. For example Fathini (my eldest daughter) chose BBQ sauce as the base, chicken and some beef, 2 slices of tomatoes, few cuts of diced pineapples and of course lots of grated cheese. Nazlah (my friend's daughter(Masleyati)), chose tomato sauce, beef, tuna, pineapples, mushrooms with some grated cheese. My youngest daughter Hafizah, chose tomato sauce, beef (too much!), mushrooms, tomatoes and lots of grated cheese too. Hanani (Ruhaya's daughter), chose BBQ sauce, some beef, chicken, capsicums and some grated cheese. Lastly, Aisya (Hanna's daughter), chose tomato sauce, chicken, beef, mushrooms and grated cheese.

I also made three large pizzas for the adults. Unfortunately, Ruhaya and Hanani had to go back early as Hanani was so sleepy by 12 o'clock. So, I packed her pizza with some mashed potato. After the first batch of pizzas were ready, the kids joined us at the table to try out their own pizzas. They really liked their pizzas. My daughters were able to finish their pizzas but other kids got some helps from their mothers.

That was the first time, I try to involve kids in making pizzas. I reckon the experience was a good one for them. Maybe next time, we'll try other cooking. Hmmm....I have to figure it out for the next playgroup session.


yatie chomeyl said...

yummyyyy...i want some


nurad, bgslah rajin lyn the kids camni... mmg they'll love it. ye la... it boosts their self-esteem as well, being treated like dh besar :) dulu nani pon rajin tlg saya kt dapur...