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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The best time to put your toddler in a separate bed or separate room?

    This is their bedroom now where we put two single beds side by side.

 They are busy colouring their books when I snap this picture.

   At the moment, we (my hubby and I) are in the trial basis of putting Hafizah to sleep in a separate room. She's now about 2 years and 5 months old; so we reckon we have to start sooner rather than later. We decided to put Hafizah and Fathini in a separate room after my SIL left and went back to Malaysia. We don't want to let the room to be empty and we want them to another space where they can play. dah dlm bilik kami bila ada queen-sized bed dgn single bed jadi sempit sgt. For Asian parents, co-sleeping with their infant or their toddler on the family bed is a natural thing to do. Most of my kiwi friends here were surprised when I told them that we (Asians) normally sleep with our baby until certain age. In the Western culture, they prefer to put their baby in crib in a separate room.

   I'm not sure when is the best time to put our toddler in a separate bed or room. tapi bila Hafizah mula tendang2 masa tidur atas katil yg sempit, mmg nak ajar dia tidur atas katil lain But I reckon, when he/she can understand what you tell him/her and he/she has a good command of language. I've found few tips on the internet about putting your child to his/her own bed. We do use some of the techniques to certain extends. The rest was based on our own approach and intuition as parents.
These are the techniques that we've tried:
  • We told her that she's going to share a bedroom with her big sister.
  • We make sure that both of them have the before sleep routines like brushing their teeth, listening to bed time stories and some hugs and cuddles.
  • We switch on a night light . dah budak2 ni takut tidur dlm gelap
  • We let Hafizah calm down before we leave her with Fathini.
  • We put Hafizah on her bed again if she gets up and cry. 
I have to say this is not easy. Right now, she still gets up at least 2 times at night crying and crawing out of her bed. One of us has to put her back on the bed and lie beside her until she goes back to sleep. kalau dlm banyak2 artikel yg saya baca diaorg tak bg kita tidur sebelah anak, dia suruh kita tinggalkan saja dlm bilik. We know that it's not a wise move but we can't stand listening to Hafizah's loud voice when she screams. Perseverance is the key and we hope soon she will be able sound sleep throughout the night.


Wan Anie said...

yup me also in the same dilemma, but what i practice so far ok la... walau pun blum ada bilik sendiri (insyaAllah new house nanti) currently hakim and aiesyah tdo d luar, cuma baby umar aja yg tdo skali sbb breastfeed kan malas nak bangun angkat dr babycot malam2. both of them tdo separately.. diff toto and diff place also. biasalah anak2 kena ibu atau abah tdo kan diorg dulu lah... tapi kadang2 bangun pagi tgk ada 5 org atas katil.. hoho

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

susahkan bila nak tackle isu pasal anak2 ni. mmg kena banyak sabar bila nak ajar diaorg.

Sitisifir10 said...

Buat masa ni bukan kata sorang tapi keempat2 sekali tido sama kami...tapi diorang bukan jenis terjaga malam...hpefully bila nk separate nnt ia akan jadi sesuatu yang mudah...amin

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

wah mcmana tidur 6 org atas satu katil tu?

yatie chomeyl said...

fizah dh besar, keno tdo bilik lain lah..tokleh tdo dgn mama & papa doh.