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Friday, December 25, 2009

Baby & Nature Sugarissa Contest


Kak Long Farah is launching her new online store and she's organizing this contest to attract more bloggers to get to know about her new online store. What do we need to do to enter this contest?
Let's see:

1. Be a Sugarissa Follower! You will automatically become a Sugarissa member if you are a follower.
2. Upload a picture of your little one (aged 0-6 years old at the time) outdoors with animals/trees/seaside (you got the idea). It can be a picture of a child, with mummy/daddy or with the whole family. No edited version.
3. Give a creative title to the photo and write down your child name. One entry per person.
4. In your entry, please include a link back to this giveaway entry. Invite Everyone to join!
5. Please insert the contest logo at your sidebar with a link back to this entry as well.
6. Once everything done, leave your comment here with a link back to your entry and include your email.

Now let's see the photo that I've selected:

Title: A Hot Pose Under The Sun!
Name: Fathini binti Ariff
Age: 4 years 11 months.

If you are also interested to join, don't hesitate as it's so easy to enter this contest and there are interesting prizes for the winners. All you need is your child's outdoor photo. Here's the link to this contest:

Thanks to Kak Long Farah for organizing this contest. Hopefully the title that I've gave is catchy enough. :D


Kak Long Farah said...

Thanks for joining.. good luck!!

nuradyani a.k.a mama Tini & Fizah said...

thanks K.Long. sorry sbb banyak kali sgt tulis link kat comment box K.Long.