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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wanna know about New Zealand Kiwiana?


Kiwiana' (pronounced: Kee-wee-ahh-na) is the term used to describe items relating to New Zealand’s unique culture and history.

We've been here (Hamilton, NZ) for almost 3 years and we've somehow understand about NZ Kiwiana. Kiwis are so proud with these Kiwiana as these have made them feel so special. Now let's see the Kiwiana that I gathered from this link:

<p>A kiwi chick amongst the ferns. Kiwi Encounter, Rotorua.</p>


This bizarre flightless, nocturnal bird is a New Zealand Kiwiana icon – New Zealanders even take their nickname from the little critter! Seldom seen in the wild – they’re very shy and only come out at  night.

Our experiences: We've seen kiwi birds in Auckland and Hamilton Zoo. They are inded very shy and we can't make noise when we want to see them up close!

Silver fern emblem

Silver Fern

Worn by many sports teams – including the world-famous All Blacks – the silver fern emblem is proudly flown at sporting events all over the world. Inspired by New Zealand indigenous ferns, the silver fern was first worn by the New Zealand Native Rugby Team on their 1888 tour of Britain.

We have the Fern trees in our backyard and I definitely going to be heaps of souvenirs for my family and relatives that have this emblem as they are sold everywhere in NZ.

Buzzy Bee

A popular children’s toy, the Buzzy Bee has been entertaining New Zealand youngsters since the 1940s.  With wings that turn and make a clicking noise, it's a hit with kids everywhere and a definite inclusion in the Kiwiana Hall of Fame!

My daughters love to watch Buzzy Bee on TVNZ. There are other lovely characters in Buzzy Bee program. Sometimes we can find some Buzzy Bee books in the local library.



Short for 'Lemon and Paeroa', L&P is New Zealand’s very own iconic soft drink. Originally made using spring water from the North Island town of Paeroa, the origins of its name are obvious. Be sure to visit the giant L&P bottle in Paeroa – Kiwiana at its best!

We've visited the Paeroa town and saw the huge bottle replica of L&P in the town. Sadly we didn't stop and take a photo at the replica.

Fish & Chips

You can’t get more Kiwi than Fish ‘n’ Chips – deep fried potato chips with battered fish. Costing next to nothing, and found in every New Zealand town – the corner Fish ‘n’ Chip shop is a New Zealand institution.

This is very true indeed. You can easily find fish and chips shop anywhere. (kat sini takde gerai2 mkn tepi jln atau kedai mamak ye. Jd kedai2 fish and chips la kedai paling murah)  



New Zealand’s national sport, to some Kiwis rugby is a kind of religion! If you’re not familiar with the game, then a group of burly lads chasing an oval-shaped ball around a field might seem rather strange – but entertaining nonetheless. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the game, you will no doubt be familiar with the All Blacks – the hugely successful national team.

Kiwis idolized their sportsmen more than their artists. They use their sportsmen to be spokepersons on tv commercials. (pendek kata makan tidur rugby ler. lain dr kita yg makan tidur bola kan) All Blacks are famous with their HAKA . (a type of Maori dance)
<p>Black - New Zealand's national sporting colour.</p>



Attend any sporting function and you will see that New Zealanders have an affinity with the colour black.  Originally worn by the All Blacks, black has become the colour of New Zealand sportspeople.

What can I say, they love to use the colour of black for their sportspeople. That's why their rugby team is called "All Blacks".

Janadals or Flip-Flops



Favoured summertime footwear for most New Zealanders, the humble jandal (known to Aussies as 'thongs' and North Americans as 'flip-flops') is an important part of any Kiwi wardrobe. Available in a range of colours, the jandal can be worn just about anywhere – from the beach to the pub!

I didn't really know that they called this kind of footwear as Jandals. Msians refers them as "Selipar Jepun". (yg herannye ada yg bulih berkaki ayam je bila keluar rumah. selamba jer)


Paua Shell

Also known as Abalone, Paua shell is used by Maori in carving and jewellery.  Pretty purple, aqua, green and blue tones make it popular with jewellery artists and craftspeople. 

I really love to look at these shells and I would love to buy some of the Paua Shell jewelleries for my family and relatives. (ada yg lain berminat tak?)
Pohutukawa Trees along the Coromandel Coast


The 'New Zealand Christmas Tree', these beautiful trees burst into scarlet-red splendour over the Christmas period. Belonging to the Metrosideros excelsa family, they are commonly found along the coast – perfect shade from that hot summer sun!

These kind of trees are really huge and beautiful. Well, what else can I say.....
<p>Henry Van Asch and AJ Hackett tandem bungy jumping to celebrate 20th anniversary.</p>


Bungy Jumping

Only a New Zealander could turn jumping off a bridge into a world-wide phenomenon!  Inspired by a ritual performed in Vanuatu, Queenstown entrepreneur AJ Hackett is responsible for bringing Bungy to the world.

I would never want to try bungy jumping because I don't want to risk my life! Apparently, you have to sign a release paper saying that you have to take the full responsibility on your decision before you jump!


New Zealand has a human population of just over 4 million, and a sheep population of almost 40 million! The back bone of the New Zealand economy for over a century, sheep were first introduced by English settlers in the 19th century.

We've had some first hand experiences with sheep when we visited "Paulownia Park" last year. Fathini was afraid when the sheeps seemed to chase her around. I like touching their soft wools.

<p>Marmite - a New Zealand tradition.</p>


This tasty yeast spread may be an acquired taste for most non-New Zealanders – but you’re bound to find Marmite (or the Australian-made rival, Vegemite) in the pantry of most New Zealand households. And yes, ours does taste different to Northern Hemisphere Marmite!

My hubby and daughters love to spread Marmite on their toasts. I somehow don't like the acquired taste. It's kind of salty but doesn't taste like salt.(susah juga nak cakap rasa dia sbb dha mmg sy tak suka mkn. hehe)
Giant kiwifruit - Te Puke



Originally known as Chinese gooseberries, kiwifruit were first introduced to the country by early settlers. Since then they have become synonymous with New Zealand, and are a major export earner.

There are two types of kiwi fruit that I know because we like to eat them; the green and golden kiwifruit. (kalau kena sembelit, mkn kiwifruit gerenti cepat je ok balik. hehe)


This meringue-based dessert is a perennial Kiwiana favourite.  Named after the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, the origins of this delicious dessert are hotly contested (Australia also lays claim to inventing it) – but any New Zealander will tell you the 'Pav' is definitely a Kiwi invention!

We can buy this dessert in any shopping malls. However, our family is not a big fan of this dessert. (Isabelle: I know you've mentioned about this dessert in one of your entry. But in the website they claimed that Pavlova is their invention! tak tahula siapa yg betul; Kiwis or Aussies)


BBQ (Barbecue)

The ultimate summer pastime, BBQs herald the start of summer. Traditionally the domain of men, on any given summer night you’ll find a collection of blokes, beer-in-hand, standing around the obligatory backyard BBQ. Traditionally only sausages and steak were thrown on the hot plate, but these days seafood, kebabs, and even the occasional vegetable are making their way on to the BBQ menu.

Msians in Hamilton are adapting this Kiwiana because it's so easy to have a feast when you only need to prepare the marinated meat, chicken,lamb or seafood and just let the men do the cooking! That means the women can eat and drink happily during the feast. hehe


Meat Pie

Synonymous with tuck shops, truck stops and cafeterias all over the country, the meat pie is a Kiwi culinary tradition. Available in a range of delectable flavours: chicken, mince, steak and cheese – and sometimes even vegetarian - they're especially enjoyed with a good smothering of Tomato Sauce (Ketchup)!

There's a Dairy Shop (mcm kedai runcit) near my house that sell Halal Meat Pie. (org Pakistan yg buat). I love to buy this food eventhough it's about NZD$2.50 each



Traditional footwear of farmers everywhere, gumboots (or 'Wellingtons' to our international audience) are a tried and true piece of Kiwi attire. Though black is the preferred colour, gumboots come in a range of colours to suit any taste!

It's kind of a must to have Gumboots especially during Autumn and Winter. Fathini and Hafizah each have colourful gumboots that they like to wear during the rainy days.
<p>Hokey Pokey icecream</p>


Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey ice cream is a perennial Kiwi favourite. Small pieces of crunchy toffee (hokey-pokey) are added to vanilla ice cream to create this popular treat. Best enjoyed melting down the sides of a waffle cone on a hot summer's day!

Yumm yumm. This flovour indeed is popular and delicious. But those if you have diabetes, you might want to think twice before you choose this type of ice cream.


Netball is the female answer to rugby, and is the second most popular sport in New Zealand.  A fast-paced court sport, New Zealand’s national team – the Silver Ferns - are often ranked first in the world.

Although I used to play netball when I was in school, I'm kind of lost now if I watch the netball game on TVNZ. They seem to have different rules now. If boys want to grow up and become part of All Balcks, girls would like to become part of Silver Fern.
<p>The postmaster's home on Ulva Island, New Zealand.</p>


'Bach' is the Kiwi colloquial term for 'summer house'. Traditionally a bach will possess minimal facilities, be situated near a beach or lake, and remain in the family for generations.

When we went to Mahia beach last August, we were wondering why the 'bach' were all empty. We then found out from the owner of the resort (where we stayed) that most kiwis would have their own summer house near their favourite beach. They would spend their summer holidays in their bachs.

A&P Shows

New Zealand’s answer to the country fair, A & P (Agricultural and Pastoral) Shows are held all over the country throughout the summer. Showcasing rural livestock, innovations, art, craft, baking and produce, A & P Shows represent the best in rural New Zealand.  Popular family events, most shows include equestrian events, sideshows, and the obligatory candy-floss (Cotton Candy) stall.

There's an anual event in the Claudeland Event Centre (the event centre in Hamilton) that showcased livestocks and many more. (teringat pula pd MAHA-msian version of A&P) 


Nadiah Sidek said...

interesting! baru tau burung kiwi tu pemalu. hihi. tp comel la! kecik je burung tu. pavlova tu cmne rsnya? manis ye?

nuradyani a.k.a mama Tini & Fizah said...

kiwi bird mmg kecik je Nadiah. Pavlova mmg manis sgt dan rasa mcm makan bubles pun ada.

Syigim said...

very interesting post! bukan stakat byk new info learned but paling menarik when you add your own experience & personal opinion after each points. ;)

nuradyani a.k.a mama Tini & Fizah said...

thanks Syigim. sy budak baru belajar. baru lg dpt teknik2 menulis kat blog dr mom bloggers yg dah lama.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this very interesting blog! Now i know what my kiwiana boyfriend is telling me...esp the hokey pokey..LOL...i wish to hear/read more from you...this way i get to know New Zealand more. Which I really love doing... take care! MIRISCH/

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of thing I try to teach people. Can I count on a sequel?

Anonymous said...

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