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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby with transport contest

I hope you don't mind when I'm so busy entering contests; one after another. hehehe. This time it's the
"Baby with Transport Contest" that has been organized by Ummi Nabilah. If you are also interested to join, you can check out this contest at:
And this is the banner for this contest:

After a long thinking process.....mcm iyer2jela pikir pjg2 ni, hehe, I've chosen this photo:

Name: Hafizah bt. Ariff
Umur: 2 thn 5bln
Explanation about the photo: Hafizah likes to ride on her rider. She rides on this transport almost everyday. When I took this photo, we just came back from Peachgrove Playcentre. She took out her lunchbox and then ate the food on her rider. This rider was her birthday present when she turned 1 year old. I reckon we need to buy a new transport for her soon as she's getting taller and bigger.

All right that's all I need to do for this contest. Thanks to Ummi Nabilah for organizing this contest.


umminabilah said...

salam...dtg check n3...emm nk tnye pkai name ape ye utk follower blog kita?

yatie chomeyl said...

nk runtuh doh rider tu, x muat doh fizah nok naik

umminabilah said...

salam...ok all done...gud luck ekk