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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nangis Contest

I reckon any baby who is crying looks funny and cute. That's why parents tend to take pictures of their babies crying. I also have a collection of photos of my youngest daughter crying and sulking. When I saw this contest, I was interested to join because I do have the best photo of Hafizah crying.

This is the photo:

The crying baby's name: Hafizah binti Ariff
Age: 2 years 6 months old.
Why was she crying: She had a fight with her older sister over the same toy and she didn't want to take turn. At first she just sulked but when my hubby said that she had to either share the toy or take turn, she started to cry out loud!

Thanks to Mummy Ariq Danish for organizing this contest. This contest ends on 4th Jan. 2010. If you would also like to enter this contest, visit here.



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Wan Anie said...

tangkap leleh nangis... ala ciannya..
banyak contest yg miss ni... kena korek2.. wish u best of luck! InsyaAllah adalah yang sangkut nanti

nuradyani a.k.a mama Tini & Fizah said...

thanks W.Anie.takpe banyok lg contest yg ada.

YANNA said...

gud luck yer