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Friday, December 18, 2009

Clean-up time!

First and foremost, I would like to wish "Salam Maal Hijrah 1431H" to all Muslims. My entry today is about what I did this morning at Peachgrove playcentre. jgn boringla nak baca .hehe

The school holiday officially starts today here in NZ. As usual, before we leave for the holiday, we (the playcentre members) need to do the end of the term clean-up. There are two clean-up sessions and there are also some take home jobs. Last term I did one of the take home jobs; cleaning the Duplo set and I cleaned the set at the very last minute before the term started. I actually hate to do the take home job as my daughters would like to play with the toys first before I could clean them and that means I need to do the cleaning during the eleventh hour!

Right, selalu tulis pjg2 sgt sampai nak lari topik! haha I went to Peachgrove playcentre this morning at 9.15 a.m. When we arrived, nobody was there yet. We had to wait outside since I don't own the spare keys. Luckily we didn't have to wait for so long when Cherie (the President) arrived with her two boys. She quickly unlock the gate and asked me to choose the clean-up jobs.

This time I chose to do the playground /odd jobs clean-up. Here were the things that I had to do:
  • Wipe down all outdoor stage boxes and any equipment that is attached.
  • Sweep fort and surrounding blue safety mat area.
  • Remove gym mats from the store room and wipe down with warm soapy water.
  • Wipe down both rocking horses and fingerpaint table.
  • Stack tyres neatly by the largest tyre beside the fence.
  • Ensure all playground equipment is securely locked.
What a list! banyakkan kerja. huhu As I didn't want to waste the time, I quickly get a bucket, a towel and two green cloths to do the wiping job. I asked my daughters to have their breakfast on the deck area while I started cleaning at the playground area. When I wanted to sweep the fort, Dug (one of the members who was cleaning the shade)offered to help me by using the blower because it's so much easier and quicker. nasib baiklah Dug ni kwn yg baik. Somehow I gave it a try with the blower saja gatal2 nak cuba.hehe, but it was too heavy and it's quite noisy too. Better give the job to the expert!
Here is Dug:

Can you see him? (sorry gambar jauh sbb benda tu bising sgt nak gi dekat2)

I moved on to the other jobs on the list. I took out the gym mats, rocking horses and fingerpaint table.
I started to clean the rocking horses first. Fathini was keen to help me, so I gave her another cloth and we wiped the rocking horses together. Hafizah just watched us and at one time, she tried to ride on the wet rocking horse! Wiping the rocking horses was quite easy except that we had to scrubbbed some paint stains. But when I started to wipe 4 gym mats, I had to take some time as each of the mats was heavy! berat woooo Want to see our photos doing the jobs? Ok, take a  look down here:

Fathini was wiping one of the rocking horses.

Those were the gym mats!

I was not sure how to stack up the tyres neatly. What I did was to get all the tyres and arrannge them at the nearest spot of the huge tyre. Since there was no specific instructions in arranging the tyres, I used my own discretion. hehe. pandai2 sendirila sbb nak cepat2 balik sblm hubby nak guna kereta gi smbhyg jumaat hr ni. Fathini, Hafizah and another kid named Flynn decided that they wanted to play at the tyres area while I arranging them. I just let them played for few minutes before I told Tini and Fizah that we had to go back.

There were few other people who were there as well. But I only managed to snap another two more photos of other people doing the clean-up jobs. sebenarnya tak tahu mcmana nak explain kalau ambik gambar diaorg banyak2. kira ambik gambar curik2 le ni. hehe.  ermmm tak baik ke?

Cindy was cleaning the carpentry stuffs.

Terena and Sarah Young were cleaning up at the sandpit area.

By 11.15 a.m. , I managed to finish my jobs and I also went inside to eat Cherie's chocolate chip cookies before we headed back home.

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yatie chomeyl said...

tukar layout plop ko? payoh nok baco sbb backgrouler gelap, tulise pon kaler gelap. either u choose background ceroh or u changed the font colour to white...kalu susoh nok baco nanti reader u ngamuk, toksey baco doh blog u ehehehe..*just my 20cents thought*

happy cleaning (^_^)